Need to Clean House -

I have at least 2 mules full of gear for toons i do not play. I only play Zane.
Have another 2-3 toons just carrying gear of which i either had already found the same one or i had a slightly better one. We are talking about 95% anointed gear.

I don’t have time to just look for stuff and email it, this stuff need to go. So i am going top open up my game tonight and let peeps go through it, take what they want. There is some really good stuff in there that i see peeps asking for in forums all the time. This is not the same stuff from my trade posts. I have no idea what is actually there. But i know its good stuff.

Message me in game tonight if you want this stuff. No trade necessary -

However, if you happen to have the below items it would be appreciated, i am growing weary of farming for it and getting no where.

Here is what i am still searching for, i have tons for trade and not all of it my trade posts -

I need these weapons in SNTL 100% Cryo or Splash and Swap Clone if it is a Launcher
Infinity Pistol (i have Fire)
Helix (i have shock)
Lucians ( i have cryo)
Ion Cannon ( prefer x2, annexed, but doesn’t have to be)
Lyudas ( I have none with SNTL, does it even exist on this rifle?)
Shredifiers ( i think i have corrosive, have to check)
Slpoders - I need them all

Also need Ice Breaker Victory Rush with SMG, Crit, Weapon, Pistol, AR, Grenade dam or any of the three with maybe cooldown, Splach dam, Reload, Health, Movement

What’s your GT?