Need to clear bank space. Any request

Have alot bank full plus a few mules might have what you need. Hit me with a request and I’ll check.

Zane and amara mods. Annointed cutsmans, lucians, rowans, etc. ammo regen terror nades/shields. Etc etc

Gt: Tr1p1nSquirrelZ thanks in advance!

+50 element nades and shields (band of sitorak or transformer)

Lucians or rowans with extra projectile.

Any help would be great.

Gt aleszander77


Cutsman, kyb, zane mods, hex, ghast nades. Anointed Transformer, redundant facepuncher.

Would you happen to have a night hawkin and/or cryo mirv hex nades?

Thanks for looking! GT: xNOT2DAYx

Anything with Gamma Burst anointment, preferredly radiation weapons (pestilence, dictator, lyuda, devils foursome, lucians call, rowans call, hellwalker, you name it) would be swell;-)

Edit: and a facepuncher with terror chance on melee and an anointed transformer (health or ammo regen).

Hive bekah fire Lucians call with sntl cryo annoint gamertag doogsz

Looking for 65% gamma burst or 100% rakk attack on A dictator, butcher, rosins thorn or anything you have spare. Thanks :smile:

GT: AxP ii Insanity

Anything that adds damage or elemental damage on ASE, particularly a decent shield and grenade. I also got a heap of stuff spare if you’re looking for anything particular as well.

Red queen +50% cryo ASE

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Sounds good, you need anything yourself? I got around 100 duplicates I haven’t sorted yet lol. Gamertag is Stray2615

Maggie’s or ruby’s wrath. Anoint don’t matter.

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I’m almost certain I have spare Ruby’s worth, Maggie’s none unfortunately. I’ll have a look for you after work, what’s your GT?

DrShartarded516 I just sent you a FR

If you have any 25% on melee redundant facepuncher or melee annointed 300% grave shields. I’ll also take any redundant brainstorm with 50% corrosive next 2 magazines. Any carrier terror annointed assault rifles with extra 50% damage.
Gt ShadedxDreamz

Thank you kindly

Awesome I’m in Australia so won’t be on for a bit but when I’m home I’ll send across a ruby.

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You got any artifacts with the icebreaker prefix?


I would really appreciate one if possible.


Cryo hex
recurring if possible . If not all good

Maggie with annoitment of
On ASE bonus Cryo damage

with same annoitment mod possible or just damage

Icebreaker Otto idol relic

Corrosive Cutsmen

Thank you for looking at my comment
GT: CrimsonMyrrh