Need to clear my bank out

Hi all. I need to clear my bank out. I have Monarchs, Sickles, Karkatoas, Kaoson’s and many other weapons, grenades and so on. I’ll have to jump them soon so if you’re looking for anything please let me know. PS4 username wonga-bunny

Hey, i’m looking for 300/90 launchers, ION cannon, plaguebearer and backburner in particular. Also pretty much anything with STNL cryo.If you have anything of that nature, let me know and I will give you something nice in return. Cheers.

Man do you have m10 opq system? especially the one that deals 300 damage to 90 percent health enemy.

I’ll check. A bit thin on those types but will let you know tomorrow.

Yes I got given one actually. So can’t give it up sorry. I do have a lower level one with the 300/90 though if you like. Still deals out the damage.

I already have the lower level OPQ, thanks for the offer.

Do you have any Boom Sickles?
Not picky on anoint, prefer not VH related but if so Amara, FL4K or Zane.

PSN LeftTurnus

No boom Sickles but lots of other types of Sickles. Happy to offload some if you want.

Appreciate you checking.
I don’t need anything else thanks.

Hi, looking for Elemental Projector Victory Rush please send me one if u have. Tywm

My PSN: Gahanich

Have you got an rubys wrath?

Sent you a couple, let me know if you need a different anointment

Will check in about an hour

I habe many Ruby’s Wraths. Will send a few soon. Username is wonga-bunny

I need one with low dmg that would be the best already got one with 6k dmg