Need to complete one challenge to complete all trophies!

Hi guys

I hoping someone will be able to help me out :slight_smile: I have to complete “Shotgun Surgeon” to complete the challenge accepted trophy.

What shotgun does everyone recommend to complete this challenge?

Note: I have tried to farm the warrior for the conference call but I have had no luck with one dropping.

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It depends at least somewhat on the character, skills and equipment you are using. Without knowing that and since the challenge requires you to kill enemies with critical hits, I would recommend a Fire elemental Hyperion Brand Shotgun with the Critical Damage prefix. Also, you might have better luck farming the Handsome Sorcerer (for the Conference Call) in the Tiny Tina DLC if you have completed that DLC.

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: here are my player stats

character = Mechromancer
Character lvl = 60
Difficulty = ultimate vault hunter

I have quite a few lengandary weapons but no shotguns part from the ones I have picked up.

I have done the Tiny Tina DLC but I’ve not come across the handsome sorcerer, is he a side quest ?

If you need a lot of close range kills to finish the challenge, i suggest going back to normal mode and just running around and killing everyone up close. The enemies won’t be able to damage you very much. The handsome sorcerer is the final boss of the tiny tina dlc so if you havent seen him you didnt finish it.

I had done the the tiny Tina DLC but only on the Normal game mode. So I have now completed the doc on ultimate vault hunter and was able to get the conference call shotgun which is helping a ton :smile:

GOODYEARBLIMP, this challenge requires you to get 500 critical kills with an shotgun :smile:

Thanks for everyone’s recommendations :smile:

For the trophy you only need 10 crit kills with a Shotgun to bring that Challenge to 1. You do however need 750 close range kills with the shotgun (to complete Open Wide!) to unlock the Shotgun Sniper challenge (Hyperion Shotguns do help with that one a lot).

OMG I thought it was the shotgun surgeon that unlocked the shotgun sniper challenge.

Thanks for letting me know