Need to download day one updates for retail copy?

Good morning you all! I’m new to the forum, and I have a question going around in my head.
I bought the physical super deluxe edition, and was wondering, will I need to download an update (I hope not a big one) or some sort of patch on day one? I won’t have my internet up for a while, and that would be a great problem! I hope there will only be the need to install the game, as with every physical game nowadays. Thank you!

It’s hard to say. Borderlands 3 should be playable online and offline from what Gearbox said but if I’m correct, first start of the game almost always require internet conection.
Also if You want to recieve Early adopter pack for preordering You NEED internet to log into shift via game.

Logging in and all the other shift related things are no problem, since I can use my mobile phone as an hotspot. It would be a problem if I would need to download, let’s say 10 to 25 gigs of updates or patches :eyes:

From what happens in gaming industry I would be surprised if there wouldn’t be day 1 patch.
But like I said. It’s hard to predict.

Yeah, I also think it will be likely… But I don’t think it will be very big, that would be strange… I guess we shall wait and see, I think this is a question only the Devs can respond to. Thanks for your answers!

I can say with almost certainty there will be a day one patch. Whether it will be required in order to play will be something else entirely, it could just be a balance adjustment patch. Though given the entire file size on console is under 40gigs, I would be very surprised if the launch patch was more than a gig or two. Usually large patches are tied to content additions, not tweaks.

A gig or two is doable, yes, I think everything will turn out ok, the most important thing is that Shift login, GOTTA GET THAT LOOT!
After all ahahaha.

They changed from 40 to 75GB

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The PC version is 75g, you sure they changed it for console?

Just checked PS4 store.
Required space: 75GB
That would be stupid if console is 40 and PC almost twice as big.

Maybe what Edavy89 meant is that the install file for the physical version, the one that needs no DL, when you insert the disc, is 40gb.

No, earlier was “leak” that game will require 40GB.
I’m trying to find required space for xbox.

Can’t find required space on xbox page -.- I might be blind but Can’t see it there…

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Anyways, thanks for the info guys, never really written on this forum, but I’m enjoying it

There will definitely be a day one patch. The game is around 75 gigs and I dont think that can fit on a disc. Plus discs in modern gaming are pretty much just a physical game key, so I’d try to figure out somewhere to borrow internet.

I go this while searching for the same question as i also got a physical disc

“As for the Borderlands 3 day-one update, it is not going to cripple your game time at all. On the PS4 version, 1.01 comes in at 245.6mb and includes “bug fixes” in the update log. We are not sure about the Xbox One day-one update but if it is anything close to the PS4 version then it will be the same size and include the same fixes.” -Marco Cocomello - Managing Editor at Glitched Africa

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Error 37 anyone?

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What’s that?

Don’t forget that the XB1X/PS4Pro version will have the 4K/UHD stuff in it. My XB1 can’t use that (same for PS4) and it looks like the download reflects that - ~40 GB (27% done when I left this morning).

i have an XboxOneX and i still only downloaded 40GB

Oh Yeah, forgot about that.