Need to make an area the same lvl as me

Sooo i am lvl 31 and i want the infinity gun but three hourns- vally is lvl 8 so how do i get it to be lvl 31 as me?

Have you finished the game yet? Farmable loot in normal has a max level of 35- also in normal some areas have a set level that the loot will be locked to- if you want it at a higher level you’ll have to start TVHM…


Ty alot and how do i begin TVHM? (it was a long time since i played pre sequal)

Wait, so are you playing pre-sequel or BL2?

Well, this is the BL2 section of the forums… so…

he stated

He also stated the Infinity in Three Horns- which leads me to believe he may be confused about certain missions and/or items…

well i got it and now i know that its completly useless to me

AttackLama11 is my xb1 gt and I have extras infinity pistols

First it doesen’t work for my build second i am on pc. Thanks tho!

The Infinity really only works well when its very close to your own level, then it can be a great gun to have around. If not, then it’s mostly an underpowered pop-gun that takes way too long to kill anything with.

Let me guess. You are playing as Gaige and put points into Smaller, Lighter, Faster, which makes the Infinity unable to be fired (since the magazine size is reduced from 1 to 0). If you manage to acquire a Necromancer / Necromancer COM (preferably Chaotic Neutral) from the Tiny Tina DLC, you will once again be able to use the Infinity. A Chaotic Neutral Necromancer / Chaotic Neutral Necromancer COM will increase the magazine size of the Infinity from 0 to 1, making it once again usable.

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A True Neutral one will work as well- I have one with an 86% mag increase…