Need to make caldarius stronger

Caldarius is one of my favorite characters but lacks strength he can’t really take any other one on 1v1 unless u play really passive with him. I had a galilea like one shot and she could basiclly turn around and kill me when i was full shield and hp. Its insane how powerful she still is or how weak Caldarius is I used alt on her when she was very low and barly did any damage at all alt and my r1 didnt even kill her and I died when she was low. Fix him please.

Not trying to talk down to you but every good player using him absolutely dominate 1v1 scenarios and has the best movement the way he can zip around the battlefield and disorient opponents.

I pray that they don’t buff this character.


I recommend looking up some guides for him. He is very strong and a pain to go up against. He is very fast and you shouldn’t be getting that close to Galilea anyways.


If he had the damage he would be way broken, sorry but he doesn’t need anything, he is in a very solid place right now.

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I just ran into a caldarius who dealt 2300 damage to me straight away lol. Used a very clever combination of his skills. I believe I was blinded (stunned?), something else, and then ulted. Instant death.

He’s really really hard to use with a controller, to be honest. PS4 controller that is.

Well, not too hard, but strafing and jumping while aiming and shooting is rather hard, and the claw position on the controller is a bit difficult with using my ring finger on the trigger and index finger for the jump button.

Played around 100 games in PvP since release. With Caldarius i often see situation when players do great with him or are playing terrible. If Caldarius is palying smart with his positioning and skill rotation I dont see how you can kill him 1v1 because his mobility will help him to get away from pretty any class.

As a Caldarius main on Xbox, I have to say it. He’s not weak, he’s actually one of the strongest skirmishers in the game, with the highest amount of horizontal mobility. (Mellka is actually more vertically mobile than Caldy.) As a skirmisher, it’s his goal to engage the enemy all over the place, to be that pest that flies around and can’t quite be pinned down, while still dealing damage and finally going in for the kill when the enemy has exhausted all of their options.

As Caldarius, you should be poking everybody from whatever distance they least prefer, until they’re almost dead. You should force them to make the decision of staying or returning to base. Hell, Caldarius says it himself, “You can still run.” When they make the decision to stay and they really should have returned to base, that’s when you go all in to take them out, then use your superior mobility to be out before their team can get over there to mourn their freshly dead comrade.

Caldarius isn’t an assassin, or a brawler. His job isn’t to nuke people who didn’t run at the sight of him or to hug it out with the enemy while throwing punches. He’s not a sniper or a tank. He can’t take people from long range effectively or take a lot of punishment. Caldarius is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Caldarius, he will have your head if you trifle with him.


So I played 80 rounds with Caldarius, and about ~15 with my second most played char. Save to say I main Caldarius. I disagree with this post. I ofcourse wouldn’t mind him getting buffed, but it isn’t necessary. He can 1v1 almost any non-melee character if you use the terrain + double jump to your advantage. He can jump out of AOE’s so easily and his gun does quite a lot of damage up close. Your main priority should be avoiding dmg vs doing it and you’ll outsustain your enemies. Anyone who doesn’t use his thrusters 100% (overexaggeration is an artform) of the time isn’t playing him right.

As some have already stated, I would advise doing some research and taking a look how others utilize him. Caldi is very very dangerous especially if you’re amping reload/cool downs with gear. I’ve even setup a load out to make him even faster than he already is… Scary…

Just a sidenote to add to your feedback: if you have that epic that gives movement speed + healing every 6 seconds in sprint, use it. You’ll never have to retreat to base, just do some chard control when health is low and keep sprinting (block yourself in corners and against shards, never stop sprinting). Back to full in no time.


I think the biggest thing he needs is to be more durable. His damage is fine as long as your patient and strike at the right time, but he’s extremely squishy for being described as piloting a suit of high tech armor. Usually his speed and maneuverability keep him from being killed immediately, but with all of the ranged stuns in this game from powerful characters it gets a bit ridiculous how easy he becomes to kill. I had a match the other day where an Atticus was constantly diving on me and stunning me from out of radar range and then killing me before I could even move.

I have met caldarius who went 24 and 3. So i don’t think i want to meet that guy again and watch him double or increase that by a certain amount. I am just implying, you may not be so good with your caldarius

I disagree, I haven’t put as much time into him as my buddy I constantly play with (mostly because he’s always picking him) but he’s still ridiculously powerful on console. You have to know how to zip and hit people, if you’re being shot by someone, then you’re out of position. I’ve seen him hunt players all across the map dodging and whittling them down while comboing them.

He’s definitely one of the harder characters to learn, but it’s not because of the controller in my experience.

But you need to learn how to strafe and jump accurately without breaking your hands, while firing on people. I’m not saying to make him stronger, I’m stating that he’s like a dragster on the road, ripping violently out of control if you don’t keep a cool head and continuously poke, until you get to the level where you can start to chase down and destroy people, including making sure to cancel their shield regeneration with a shot off your TMP.

Landing his charge is also a bother, as it likes to cancel early/not go it’s full distance if you get caught on geometry of something, not to mention keeping your aim at your opponent when charging in the first place in order to connect with them. Feels like a mouse would be easier to track for something like that, imo.

But yes, if you are even being fired at, you aren’t in a correct position.

Sorry for the multiple replies. I guess it’s just a bit hard for me. I’m practicing, at least.

I’ve learned to just move jump (or any input that has extra movement requiring you to remove your thumb from the thumb sticks) to the LB button on console controllers. It gIves you a little more accuracy in the air because you can keep your right thumb on the stick.