Need vault hunters

Hello I downloaded BHC on Tuesday. Due to the chronological order of the Borderlands games I am playing Borderlands TPS first. I have completed the main story as well as completed one badass round in the holodome. I am currently running through Claptrap’s Claptastic Voyage dlc. I am looking for people around my level with a mic to play with. Now about me.

  1. My only character is Jack currently level 34 almost 35.
  2. I am on EST and play through most of the day just might be on tanks from time to time as well.
  3. I am a father of a 3 year old so if we are playing together I will get up from time to time to get something for either the girlfriend or the kid.
  4. I have NO MODS and do not want any until I have hit max level and beaten UVHM so if you have mods either don’t use them or don’t ask to play with me please.
  5. My level is legit. What I mean by that is I have not been power leveled and I have not created this character with a mod program.

If you would like to play with me my gamertag is kahciraV. If you are new to the game and do not have a character on Borderlands TPS I will start a new character. All I ask is have a mic be mature and most importantly NO MODS!!!

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I’ll start a new game…never played 2 or Presequel but will play both. I can set a day and time and will always be on on specified time. silence27trey is the gamertag.

Im on as much as I can be, mostly evenings and weekends. add me ga11y87

Ditto! :acmaffirmative:
My boy is 3 as well. I’m down to mob with ya. Hit me up if we are on at the same time, I am on the west coast. GT: Kurtdawg13

I got a 1yearold haah so lets do this ga11y87

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