Need visual cue for double jump reload/Ready state

See title, can’t be more obvious.

Edit* Im aware that the card is displayed bottom left with reload indicator but my eyes are not draw to that section of the screen. Either put the card avatars up top or add another way of knowing without looking at the actual card avatar.

I agree, but I think it would be better to have the option to toggle mini skill recharge state icons that sit near the crosshair, such as little dots that change from empty (not ready) to filled (ready). It would be even better if one could choose which skills display a crosshair recharge indicator, so that if you only wanted to see air jump’s recharge while looking at screen center, you could.

It should be an option, though, because most advanced players of games with cooldowns know when their skills are ready, based on their own internal mental clock. It didn’t take me long to develop my internal rhythm in P1V1 and stop checking my cooldown bar all the time, though I have been playing similar games for some time.

I wanted to expand on this as I am having issues with visually knowing when my cards are off cooldown. The “greyed out” color is not much different than the grey-background some cards have and out of the corner of my eye it looks like my ability is available, but isn’t. Perhaps they can change the color while it’s on CD to a red or blacked out box? Then when it’s down it cues it’s noise indicator and the card box is it’s normal coloring again.

Something like this, but from the top down the color (red, black, something etc) would “load” and shade in the card as it expends it CD.

I agree with the contrast problem. There are currently three different lighting levels for the cards: ready, cooldown, and unavailable. This three level system unfortunately makes the middle level more difficult to discern. One possible quick solution would be to swap the darker 2, as that would make the most common 2 states the highest in contrast.

Crosshair indicators would be nice Indeed, and I think with swappable skills and effects from cards, unless you play the very same build all the time, you will benefit even with lots of playtime. Eye focus in a fps is very important IMHO.

Would also help with gamers that use 4k displays which sometimes makes the icons super small unless above 100% UI scale is available.