Need XBOX ONE BTHC friends

Whats going on my borderlands fans! I just recently bought thc without knowing the matchmaking was having some problems. I love this game for its co-op. Teaming up and whooping butt. Right now im playing borderlands 2 and m character is a level 12. If anyone else out there is new around levels 11-14 and wants to play. HMU at l Troll R Us l Thanks guys!

@Mattykins you are on the wrong console family. this is ps4 not xbox one.

Thanks. First time posting. I fixed it lol

I’m going to be on in 4 or 5 hours, my character is low level, but I’d like to catch up and play some co-op, I just bought the pack thinking matchmaking would work. silly me. Gamertag is : Negrodamusdarky (for real) I’ll be changing it soon, but message me and we can play, that goes for anyone either pre-sequel or bl 2