Need yellowcake 40k+x2 300/90

would like to trade

Have some cutpurse/snow drift/flesh melter/drain knife of various artifacts
greasetrap 50/150
redundant gamma reflux
some decent 200 asa
lmk what you’re looking for if anything in particular

I have 1 of the yellowcake x2

you want the shield or something else?

What are the snowdrifts stats? Send friend request if ready to trade.

Thanks. Thank you for your business have a good day.

tyvm! still have plenty of good artifacts, and some updated guns for the next takedown update revamp if anyones interested

need 50/150 redundant reflux and rad khaosan if anyones interested lmk what you may be looking for

also 2 grease traps 50/150 if you play with a friend this combo destroys anything in seconds, alt fire plus standard fire combo