Needed: elemental projector victory rush

Let me know what your looking for i have mh10 gear to trade for. Just cant seem to get the ep victory rush

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Hey just got a elemental projector victory rush with 25% action skill cooldown, 31 melee dmg and 50 mag size if you still needed one

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Yes im still searching!

Is that one any good for you? Looking for some good cryo sntl gear,the mayhem 6 weapons with decent annoitments or takedown gear

I have no zane gear i havent played zane much i have amplified frozen snowshoe ase+50%radiation i have an unseen threat i have a couple sandhawks ive a yellow cake (42152) with killing enemy grants 5%dmg for 25 sec ive a cryo tiggs boom asa dmg+200%
Ive a cryo anarchy (815x13) ase 125% dmg to named.
Trick unforgiven 300/90%
Ive a non elemental kaoson with consec hits
A hellshock asa 75% to named
And a sickle 300/90%

Anything in there you may be intrested in? Dont have much far as zane gear goes

Also have a cryo sandhawk with asa + 75% to badass and named
And another yellowcake (38320) with asa dmg+200%

Could I get that cryo tigs boom with 200% asa if cool with you

What’s your gt dude?

Sure thing
Gt: Trip A Random

Sent it over

Thank you and sent your victory rush over. Also I have a trade page running with all sorts of stuff on it,check it out maybe, if you haven’t already :slight_smile:

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Thanks much!! Ill go check it out now

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