Needed: grenade with ammo regen terror, any kind

Just like title states. I don’t care if it’s level 5. It’s a missing piece for a Zane build I’ve got going on.

I’ve got a lot of things I’d trade for it, including redistributors, Cutsmans, drivers…

GT: SquirrelEDan.

I’m pretty certain I’ve got something for you. Gt is Ye olde wolf. I might not be able to send till the morning though

Excellent. Let me know if there’s anything you’re looking for. I’d be happy to trade.

I don’t need anything bud, unless you got lvl 53 gamma Maggie or bekah.

I’m farming things this evening and tomorrow, so if I get that Maggie I’ll pass it on. If not, well, thanks!

Sounds good. Can you add me on Xbox and send a msg, just to remind me

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I have some terror items gamer tag is reaper12804

I’ll add you. Thanks!

There lvl 50 tho

Last call, living on a prayer, etc. I’d trade just about anything for it.

Let me look, I think I kept my terror gear

Thanks! I’ll be online today off and on.