Needed QoL Changes

Allow users to see borderlands science timers and get buffs from menu
Change ammo to be more gray to help differentiate it from white loot besides having a bigger beam
Fix DLC being stuck at level 13 when you first enter instead of scaling properly
Let us change the subtitles to be multilined instead one big line that can go off screen at larger font sizes
Hide subtitles in borderlands science when non BLS voices talk (it blocks bottom/2 bottom rows at times)
Let us turn off voice modules for unique and legendary weapons
Let us listen to character responses in quests from the echo menu
Multiselect quest tracking using colors to differentiate quest objectives instead of relying on custom waypoints
More info on what enemies drop what loot without needing to google it or look it up on your PC/phone
let us start at TVM if we’ve beaten it so we don’t have to beat the story again just to start mayhem mode with a new character!

make follow AI segments move faster and dont require to stand directly behind them

ALL Action skills - show timer for duration and cooldown instead of just when it’s close to being ready again.
Fl4k - show loot thru pets making it easier to pick up
Moze - show reload/recharge speed for iron bear weapons to better see when something will get more ammo
Zane shield - hold to activate to start it in the held position (not on the ground)
Zane drone/clone - dont interrupt reloads/sprints or at least speed up the animations
Skill tree loadouts to save time resetting and using skill points over and over and let us choose only some skill points to undo instead of all at once

Character color loadouts to allow faster customization
Leave the character colors when swapping skins

Let us grab lost loot form the mail system menu
Let us send items to our bank/stash from our inventory menu to save sanctuary trips
Gear/inventory UI Text size adjustments (mostly for splitscreen but for solo too and arguably the most needed)
Allow users to mark all non fav items as trash to speed up time it takes to sell stuff
show loot more easily on larger enemies who’s bodies can block them (ex: rampager)
Reroll annointed gear and character class mods for eriduim/cash (gets more expensive for the same gear over time)
let us sort by sell price


omniloader - have it reload/repair cov weapons not just normal guns.

if you have any more ideas let me know below


I like this, would like to add just update the UI for consoles. Im starting to have semi major issues. My mayhem modifiers are screwing up. Dazed and infused is added to my modifiers i use but i dont have it selected. Also the game seems to be deteriorating by way of it seems to be buffering all the time. To the point of it becoming a pain so much so i tested other games but they are fine.

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Class mod should change the name listed below the health bar. Again.


If this was done as a percentage I can see it working, otherwise the numbers would be inconsistent from things like the GR skill topped off and similar things that affect action skill cooldown rate. I already have this issue when the timer reaches 5 seconds and I take a shot lowering my shield the numbers won’t change even though it will now take 10 seconds

true CDR based on conditions makes it harder to show but it’d be nice to have some form a visual aid for weird skills like that
Plus with the 5s left timer it shows fine so a permanent one should be fine too imo

it does that already with the gray outline.

OMG i completey forgot about that. Adding it now. TYSM!

skip dialogue

mayhem modifiers optional

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Petition for a remake where ALL MAJOR dialogue is done through meaningful, well animated cutscenes!
And make em SKIPPABLE!

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Small little things for Fl4k:

  • When the player issues an attack command let the attack command Cooldown begin immediately and not just when the command hits
  • if an enemy dies before the attack command hits that should always result in the search of a new target; if that behavior is at least consistent we could get used to it
  • shorten the duration of the button press needed for the attack command to register by at least 50%; if we hold the button any longer than 0,4 seconds it should be counted as “attack command”; muscle memory would soon enough kick in and make that a habit, even for people with slight timing issues

Change skill point distribution on the fly without resetting all skill and without using a change station


Add VH-specific icons to weapon cards to indicate VH-specific annoints

Show both elemental icons on double-element Maliwan weapon cards

Restore special effect description text on anointed weapons

Let us cycle through several different colors of the “favourite” star icon (or different actual icons) by holding down the mark key/button, so we can better categorise our loot

Let us sell from within the bank

Make custom icons (favourite, trash etc.) not disappear when we move items between bank and backpack

■■■■■■■ fix the ■■■■■■■ game before pumping out new ■■■■ content and ■■■■ mini ■■■■■■ ■■■■ events ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ dammit ■■■■


I would like to trash items on the ground. Ie hold square to equip, hold circle to trash.

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  1. Faster way to switch elements for Amara’s action skill.
  2. Favorite items should have to be untagged as favorites before you can drop them. This would let you ensure the safety of gear while also being able to just spam the drop button if you have a bunch of junk you don’t want without having to worry about dropping the stuff you DO want.
  3. Let use favorite gear in the bank and have it appear at the top of the list. Also let use equip weapon skins and have them save in the vault.
  4. Add new rarity: pearlescent. Pearlescent items are items with triple augments (eg. a grenade with singularity x3 aka Event Horizon). They would appear as sky blue above legendaries.
  5. ‘Reset area’ button on the pause menu. Instead of having to back out to the main menu and then restarting from there. Consoles thank you.

People have been asking for this ever since Pre-Sequel, a game that had really too much talking and moments where you just stand and listen. Come to think of it, people have been asking for many things. Most of them were ignored or not heard.

It was really telling when during one of the first BL3 presentations they touted “eridium is now picked up automatically” and there was massive cheer in the audience, like it was some sort of breakthrough achievement, a thing that BL2/TPS Community Patch - a fanmade modification, already implemented.

At that point I had a suspicion that it will be just another BL2/TPS game but with more modern graphics.

People were also asking for multiple objectives tracking (got none), better UI (got worse), loadouts for specs (nope), etc. But hey, we got more new vehicles and more “customization” stuff for them, because everybody sure cares about that!

I realize that some things might be difficult to implement, but even right now, people are asking constantly about certain things, like removing or making mayhem modifiers optional, and it’s all being ignored. And don’t forget weapon trinkets - very useful and important!

Maybe in the next game some of these concerns will be addressed :smiley: I mean it only took five or so months to introduce skippable cutscenes in BL3 :laughing:


sadly yah they ruined the UI and legibility. i hate how splitscreen is pretty much useless without a huge tv or monitor now. thats literally why i started playing even solo can be hard if im not too close

this isnt really a QoL fix but just new content. i wouldnt mind it tho i rather they not complicate loot like bl2 did.

they already do this tho. it says switch between element X and element Y?

thats kinda what I have here so i’ll adjust it.

It is QOL because triple augments are very very rare and it would be nice if they stood out from the crowd. Even if they were a different color purple like some of the hot pink/magenta gear in BL2 (eg. Slow Hand).

oh i misunderstood what you were asking. i thought you wanted a whole near tier of rarity by readding pearl colors back. not that they’d only signify triple augments. that’s fine i supposed if im understanding you right now