Needed! Snowdrift otto idle

Hello! First time posting.

Has anyone got one for Fl4k with maybe shotgun and health regen? Ive been farming one from tyreen for 15+ hrs now and have gotten every other otto idle besides the snowdrift…

Thanks a heap

I have a Snowdrift Otto Idol but the perks are pretty bad…I don’t remember them all off the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure it’s got +EXP gain and I think the other two are elemental related :confused:

If the bad perks aren’t an issue I can send it to you the next time I’m online.

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Yeah that would be fine :slight_smile: are you looking for anything at all? Could see what i have maybe? My gamertag should be the same as my user ‘OgPumpkinSlayer’

Sent the Otto Idol!

Right now I’m only looking for a Friendbot com with +5 to Barbaric Yawp and certain kinds of alien barrel guns (Host and Protuberance shotguns, Carbuncle pistols) but I don’t need anything in return.

Thank you very much for the idle :slight_smile: almost completes the build. I’ll have a look if i have any of the items you’re seeking.