Needin some input on x2 scorch with Mania/Hellborn

I play Mania Hellborn(with RR and no Grog). Make no mistake I can whittle these ■■■■■■■ down but any tips on how to get em down faster so my videos don’t run so long?

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Can you link your build, as well as gear you use? It would be easier to give suggestions based on what your current setup is.

The only thing that comes to mind is the bullet deflection off the Antagonist. Don’t know how well it works on Krieg, though. Worth a try, maybe!

How desperate are you?
Desperate enough to Flakker swap?

Obviously there’s nothing to get BB going so you need raw damage : Harold, explosive relic and Crunch COM. You’ll need a shock or corrosive grenade to keep your ignition up. The Peak Opener is insane too.

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I used a shock Topneaa or PBFG back then. It’s a pretty easy farm in Lilith DLC.

If you’re getting that OP6 spawns (without surveyors), you gotta make sure to get Blood Bath from the last mob and have 99% Reaper equipped.

The launchers in my experience, with extended magazine size, bonus fire rate, and immensely increased damage, are enough to kill them in one Blood Bath duration (or in this case, around half Blood Bath duration because they took a while to spawn), especially if you get them both in the explosion range.

If you don’t get them both in range, then focus on one and kill the other with any other weapon (since you can have Blood Bath from killing the first one).

Then there’s the Peak Opener too. I sorta forgot about it but I think it was used in a TT video, which restricts launcher use. You can check it out on the thread. It’s probably better than my launcher method but I still mentioned it because, y’know… personal experience.

I wish you good luck in taming the Digistruct Peak with Krieg.

Skill points might look random but they’re to accomadate various class mods.



That’s sure enough the solution I came too: