Needing a lvl 50 northfleet for trading on ps3

Hello I’m looking for any type of lvl 50 northfleet for trading on ps3 if anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. My psn is knuclehead95.

Do you have an OP8 Jakobs Allegiance Relic, or something near it? And does it have to specifically be a Level 50? I believe I have a Level 72 in my vault/bank that I don’t use. Let me know on PSN @ Chewyninja69.

Don’t got a Lv50 Norfleet anymore, but assuming you’re still looking, I gotta ask if you have the level cap packs.

Not at the moment but I will be getting it probably Friday or Saturday add me if you want psn is knuclehead95

Got a 53 acid Topneaa and 59 shock Launcher (Tediore E-tech).