Needing help with bestest story ever told

I’ve tried by myself. I got close but couldn’t do it. Will anyone help?

What level and mode?

Level 29. Normal mode

Sorry - had other things to do and couldn’t get back. If you’re still stuck tomorrow, I can try and help out during the afternoon. GT: Alkymist96

Sounds good, thanks. Sent a friends request.

Might be a little delayed - my son is in the middle of one of his Battlefield sessions :frowning:

what platform are you guys on

This is the 360 section. So 360.

Sorry I missed you on the weekend. If you still want help with this, let me know when you’re going to be on next (day/time/time zone), and I’ll try and connect.

If you’re on 360 and need help with something, just let me know.

You can add me too if you still need help.