Needing More Players/Friends

As the title states I am in need of more Battleborn friends who just wanna do whatever. Such as Story farming or PVP. I, and my other few friends, are generally on around 11:30 CST and I am looking for people who are night owls. My PSN is Sarkhon and I am pretty chill (With mild outbursts of “WTF?!, Why the Hell?!, Fck you, and my best, Fck your tacos”). Drop some friend requests and messages to me if you like. Night/morning, peeps!

“Shorty you da best; you-da you-da you-da best.” - Tiny Tina

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Join the battleborn discord. :3 My ps4 is currently off being serviced, but as soon as I get it back I’ll be working on getting that section [more] alive again, as well as getting ps4 players to join like ive been doing on pc. It’s an invaluable asset for playing bborn! :smiley:

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ill add you. Anyone can feel free to add me too i like capture most but i don’t mind playing other stuff.


I have joined but have been busy with PokemonGo as of the past couple days. I will be on later tonight.

Fallen, I will accept it when I hop on tonight and be sure to get you in a couple games of legendary farming with me. Maybe even give good Ol’ Rath some Capture time again. <3

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Hey I am in the same boat. Don’t want to start a new thread since my topic would be identical. Hope that’s okay? Still learning forum rules here.

My friends keep moving on from the game. I have 2 - 3 good friends who play when they are on, but we are all adults with kids and have a hard time getting on at the same time. I need to add 3 - 4 more chill dads that want to run and do stuff.

I will do some PvP, sure. It’s fun. But in my heart, I love loot. My passion for Battleborn is farming those story modes for loot. I like Advanced/Advanced Hard Core runs, or helping you do lore/get gold on any story mission at all.

I do need some PvP lore, so I’m down for that as well and enjoy it, but when I get on for hours, it’s to grind loot. My current loot objective: Boots of the Brute!

Currently, I’m building my go to roster: Melee DPS = Deande. Range/Sniper = Thorn. Tank = KLEESE. Healer = Alani. Those are the ones I typically play, but I am looking forward to moving on to mastering new characters when done with these. This gives you a little idea about how I’d work out in groups. I’m open to trying other characters. I particularly am interested in spending more time on El Dragoon, Melka, and Reyna.

I’m PSNID: iStRaD on PS4. Please only add me if I’m the type of player you are looking to play with. Looking forward to making some new Badass

(edited because for some reason I typed ISIC the first time)


You can add me if you want. I play daily at all times. Psn flynnpancake.

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I will definitely be adding you today!

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Adding you today as well. There’s so mushroom for you in my friends list!

Request sent.

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I’ve added my name to a few of these a few weeks ago, but it wouldn’t hurt to get some fresh people on my friends list. My sn is SirIsaacNewbton. Feel free to send an invite even if I’m playing a different game. I still play every day, but I break it up with some other games every now and again.

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Hi everybody! I’m izaleu on PSN and I’d love some friends to play with. I’m usually active in the evenings in PST.

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PSN Tehol, mostly enjoy story as PvP tends to make me angry, at least when people don’t play as a team, but need it for the lore which sucks.

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I implore very vigorously that anyone here who has a friend that plays or any passerby that may see this forum, please drop your/their PSN for the sake of others here. Let’s prove that our community is still thriving. Let’s prove that Battleborn will not be crushed under the boot by some namebrand ■■■■■■■■ games.

Add me Novadragon17

PSN: genocidejack86 hit me up whenever, i’m on EST.

everyone feel free to add me too im just starting out, my psn is lordzippy585

i didnt see people were still posting here ill add you all :acmaffirmative: