Needing new player buddies for ps4

Needing new player buddies so we can actually do things in the game together as nobody on my current friend list has BL2
PSN: Roeshank1

PSN is cee6vette. I’m US east coast, usually on afternoon and after 9 pm. I’ll add you. You have a mic?

Psn: ThouForsaken

My PSN name: UNRS, just give message whenever you get on. :smile:


I need some buddies to play with I’m almost level 50:)

Mine is z_cryptix_z I need people too haha

my psn is Za_champ add me if you wanna play and im from the uk

Add me up you guys klock-work420 on usually everyday

Feel free to add me swell - PurkenH5

Psn is Rhynocs, just got this for ps, played through it several times on PC :smile: