Needle Gun Debuffing?

Interested in the debuff. How is it applied and what percentage…and how long does it last? Can it debuff from Tediore reload/throw? Finally would the debuff stack with something like the It’s Piss grenade?


Same here. Watch it be a 500% debuff or something…

I don’t think it’s that high, though that would be handy for higher Mayhem Modes.

I think it would stack with It’s Piss? I just got one and am still playing around with it. Max stacks seem to be reached fairly quickly. Other than that tracker alarm, what does the debuff look like? Like the damage numbers just start climbing? Will need to control a lot of variables to see this straight from the gun. Also…

I freakin’ love this gun. I’ve been hoping for something Needler-like since I first started using Spikers in BL2. Torgue stickies are close, but this weapon is like an early Christmas present for me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Is there an easier way to tell when it hits max stacks than watching the ammo count?

We need some serious testing on this gun. There is just a whole bunch going on. Shot tracking, stacking, debuffing, ammo refill and Reload/throw.

Length and amount of debuff?? Debuff affects other players shots?? Does switching to another weapon drop the debuff?

And can it spawn with legs?

Throw a ton and watch the stacking/debuffing party?

Or shoot, throw, throw It’s Piss, Switch to Yellowcake

Stuff like that!

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I did some testing on M10 with a M10 one and it didn’t seem the debuff stuck, like if I emptied a few clips in them and switch to another gun I didn’t notice anything. Tried again with a huge number of rounds and used grenades so I didn’t switch guns and didn’t notice much.

I may drop down mayhem levels and see if that makes a difference I hop is not gun specific so you can debuff then switch.

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Ever notice when you lay into an enemy with it, the enemy will eventually light up like you tagged it with an Atlas tracker? That apparently fires when the enemy has eaten the max stacks.


I noticed the same, I think the debuff dies if you switch weapons. Shame though because it debuff’s REALLY well.

I’m not sure if debuffed enemies take more damage from outside sources(pets/other players) though.

If it did increase damage from other players that would be siiiiiick but somehow I’m thinking that’s not the case

Right??? It could be a meta support weapon in all sense of the term.

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I gave up trying to figurre it out.

The Grenade Throw does NOT stack with an It’s Piss. that I know for sure…

but the rest??

Sometimes on Grenade Throw at M10 I’d get 1 MILLION damage…1 Million!!

the next time…not even close.

Sometimes the damage stacked really fast and it was fairly effective…the next time it sucked.

Switch weps and you lose the stacks

Grenade throws seemed to make NO difference what amount of rounds you had left in the mag.

I just flat gave up trying to get any consistancy or even a “plan” on how to use it well.

And with so many other new and great guns from the DLC and now this patch…there just isn’t a lot driving me to test more. Kaoson anyone???

So for anyone who might be interested -

I don’t think it will answer all questions, but as people are able to test and supply answers, there’s a handy spot waiting for edits. :slight_smile:

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So it’s basically just an Infinity that has to stack up a “debuff” per target to get the infinite ammo effect? What an utter waste.

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I was getting 1 million damage on the reload throws…but not with consistency.

No idea why…but when I got it…it was BIG damage