Needle Gun + Light Fantastic = Billion Damage Easily Level 72 Amara Build

Recently I saw the Phaseflare anointment drop on a random weapon and noticed it said 200%. Remembering that it just got buffed I decided to try it out with my level 72 Amara Build with the Needle Gun and boom easily 1 billion damage. I decided to use the Needle gun because of the homing abilities to proc our phaseflare as much as possible. To achieve this damage I Equipped a Death’s Blessing Class Mod to allow us to optimize Phaseflare & Needle Gun damage as much as possible.

Click Here for a Video Showcase & Explanation:

Since we Are running a Shock Based Build of course we are using a Re-Volter Shield with ASS Anointment so we can get the bonus shock damage. On top of that we are using any kind of shock weapon, Personally I like to use the Tesla Coil and Free Radical both of course using the 100% More Orb Damage Anointment so we can optimize in action skill damage. Speaking of Optimizing action skill damage we are using a Death’s Blessing class mod w/ 4 extra points into Atman to allow amara to deal an extra 36% more action skill damage; If you combine that our 3 points into that skill point in our action skill tree we get a total of 7 points which results in 63% more Action Skill Damage. We are using a Lightspeed Grenade with on throw bonus damage anointment as well the Re-Volter Shield with ASS Anointment so we can get the bonus shock damage. This allows us to deal exponential amounts of damage with our Guardian Angel gun w/ Urad Anointment. Since this is a peregrine based build we have our grenade have the Action Skill Active bonus damage anointment of course to deal even more damage. This build is heavily focused on Mobbing… At least base value it is. Once we add Guardian Angel, sellout and elemental projector to our arsenal we are able to deal damage that would make graveward ■■■■ his pants. See without these three items our damage doesn’t go past 100m usually. But with just one shot from the sellout during Re-Volter shield activated effect we are able to apply a shock dot on our character with in turn would allow us to deal bonus damage with out elemental projector. Keep in mind the guardian Angel we are using does have the Orb 100% Increased Damage anointment on it as well.

With all of that combined you are getting: Re-volter Damage + Guardian Angel Distance Damage + + Elemental Projector Damage + AOE Multipliers and that pretty much just recks any enemy. Of Course we are also using some skill tree bonus damage like Burn Both Ends, Personal Space Etc.

Its Crazy Op and I would love for you guys to try it as well. I believe that covers everything, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

Feel free to add any tips you think will help another player in the comments, you will probably help a fellow vault hunter out & strengthen us as a community.