Needs a new taunt

The more I play Mellka, the more I realize that she needs a new taunt for a somewhat specific but common occurrence.

When you get a kill with Poison damage, after the opponent ran away.

We’ve all been there: your opponent tries to dash, teleport or otherwise make their daring escape with a sliver of health … only to succumb to the poison a few seconds later.

She needs something to go in that scenario. A shoulder shrug, a single eyebrow raise, or a tsk tsk finger wag, like Batman here


Oh hel yes! So much want :dizzy_face:

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Logically her next taunt will be the break dance we’re seeing in the launch trailer, so that won’t be soon ImO x).

‘Unkempt’ works well for this. She puffs back a fallen strand of hair while looking bored.

Ohh, I don’t have that one yet.

Brb buying up Eldrid packs.