Needs a reduction on cast time

I feel that his cast time or delay between actions is to long and would like to see what he be like if they was half a sec quicker. Not about his reload, but the animation between switch skills, and launching stickies.

His animation for his super takes way too long. I tried to pull it out in the middle of a fight and got gunned down because it takes so long.

Thinks its strange no one has brought this up. When i use the perk to on scrap shot lose like a sec and a half from transition animation. Also strange because for damage it seems like he suppose to stack his passive and perks of max dps, but slow reload mixed with slow animation transitions seem to break the flow.

I have to agree on his bomb and especially scrapshot. Considering there’s a helix skill that ups damage to an enemy tagged with it, half the effective time is wasted in the ridiculously long animation times.

His ult is clearly the most guilty about this:

-Delay before starting to shoot
-Delay after it finishes
-Has to reload after the end animation too
-Cannot use E while ulting
-Cannot cancel ult early
-Can be silenced (and activate end animation)

At the very least, it should retain the same amount of ammo that you had when you casted the ult when it ends, and you should always be able to cast your E. It shouldn’t be able to be silenced either (makes no sense)

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He’s wonky as hell, in general. Nothing really feels right about him.