Needs help doing OP

Brother and I currently doing OP3. Would like to get to OP8 if anyone is willing to help. Thanks

Im OP4, do you wanna go through DP together? My gamertag is PRED Golden

Sure, I’ll be back on tonight at about 9 eastern. If you’re on and still interested in going through.

Any other possible time? Time zones :frowning:

Unfortunately no. That’s the earliest I can get on. Maybe 8:30. Kids. I have to wait for them to go to bed lol.

I’m on now if anyone is looking or willing to help in Digistruct Peak. Currently OP3. Thanks

No OP but I’ll help if I can, msg me. GT: ALLST4R SLAY3R.

ive been sending you messages but you aint replying

I’m sorry. I haven’t received any messages. Are you trying on the xbox? Because my GT is different than here.

im replying to the dude with the gamertag ALLST4R SLAY3R

I’m currently op 7 looking to get to op 8