Negative Cooldown Rate, Reload Speed, and Recoil Reduction. Why don't people care?

I dont get it.

Everywhere else in the game, whether on gear, character skills, etc , those bonuses are always POSITIVE values. Which makes sense based on their names:

Recoil REDUCTION: do you want MORE or LESS reduction?

Cooldown RATE : Do you want MORE or LESS rate ?

Reload SPEED: Do you want MORE or LESS speed of reloading?

But in Guardian rank screen, the bonuses are NEGATIVE.

Recall that if you play offline, ACCURACY is bugged and listed as Negative on the Guarsian Rank screen, SO THERE IS PRECEDENT THAT SPECIFIC BONUSES CAN HE BUGGED AND BE NEGATIVE . Once you apply hotfixes BOOM accuracy flips to positive .

How do we know reload speed, cooldown rate, and recoil reduction are also NOT bugged and them showing as negative is WRONG?

AGAIN: everywhere else in the game that gives bonuses to those attributes is a POSITIVE % not a NEGATIVE.

I’ve been going back and forth with 2k support over this for weeks and their response is beyond non sensical, it’s like they outsource their tech support to India or to people that have never even played the game and just take wild guesses

Why doesn’t anyone question this besides me ??

Reload and cooldown from Guardian Rank works as intended. Cooldown reduction and cooldown rate are two different things.

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How do you know that they work as intended ?

Again : on gear , skills etc that give those bonuses its listed as a positive bonus . We know for a fact that accuracy is bugged and shows as negative bonus if you play offline , but corrects to positive if you go online .

For cooldown regardless if the word is RATE or REDUCTION, why would you want negative or less of either?

I tested it.
The stat says “Cooldown” and negative value is correct.
For Reload it also makes sense.

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Curious how you think it makes sense that something called “Reload SPEED” you would want a NEGATIVE bonus to. Like you want LESS (-%) SPEED?

Using your logic , so Fl4ks 2nd Intention skill, which gives + %reload speed each time you put a point in it, makes you reload slower ?

So skills and items that give + reload speed , like Fl4ks second Intention skill, actually make you reload SLOWER ?

Guys… please think about this for a second before responding. I mean… literally everywhere else in the same game it’s a POSITIVE bonus

But it works, so why care so much?

Because I have 10% reload speed on guardian rank and I reload slower than ever

Did you tested it? Cause I did and it worked very well couple weeks ago. I can test it today and check.

I deleted my post because you’re not going to listen however many times someone explains it to you.

Your post was just wrong though. Not hard to understand or anything, just plain wrong.

For starters , its reload SPEED not reload TIME . And secondly, it being negative directly contradicts how this bonuses are displayed in the SAME GAME on gears or skills etc.

Again , your arguing its correctly stated as negative on the guardian rank screen so it’s really giving me less reload time… my response ok if we use that same logic do skills like Fl4ks Second Intentions slow down your reload speed then ? Just take s quick look at that Fl4k skill and apply your argument to it. See why your response doesn’t make sense?

You can delete your post all you want , but just because you gave a answer doesn’t mean boom the questions is answered and is 100% accurate.

This game is a buggy mess and we know for a fact guardian ranks suffered from going into negatives. Hell accuracy goes into negatives If you play off line to this very day

FL4K’s skill is not a Guardian rank bonus. The wording for both could differ intentionally, or simply be a poorly-applied wording. What matters is the functionality, and if you can’t actually prove the reload time increases, then all you’re doing is making a huge fuss over nothing.

A rocket launcher with a nominal 6-second reload time would need 5.4s with a 10% bonus or 6.6s with a 10% penalty. That 1200ms difference would clearly be noticable with a stopwatch.

Do you have any data?