NEGATIVE Guardian Rank Recoil Reduction, Cooldown, and Reload Speed?

Does everyone have negative values for Recoil Reductuion, cooldown, and Reload speed on their guardian ranks?

It worries me because everywhere else in the game where it gives bonuses to these attributes its listed as a positive value. I know accuracy is bugged and shows a negative amount unless you apply the hot fixes, so I’m worried those 3 attributes are also bugged.

I’m just always surprised how little discussion I see over this. I have -10% reload speed and I swear I feel I’m reloading slower and slower.

I wouldn’t be as worried if everywhere else in the game they were negative too, but they are positive bonuses and it makes sense seeing how they are named i.e reload SPEED , recoil REDUCTION, action skill COOLDOWN, youd expect bonuses to be positive % right?

Negative for Cooldown is correct, cooldown rate has positive number.
For Reload speed it sounds like positive is correct but I think it’s ok too in Guardian stats.

I agree but what does yours say ?

I have -11,86% cooldown, -11,36% reload and +0,00% recoil.

I just tested the Reload Speed and it works correctly. My Lyuda has 4,6s reload and with the Guardian stat it takes around 4,1s.

Your reload speed guardian bonus is negative though right?

It’s just throwing me off since it’s a positive bonus everywhere else in the game including skills like Fl4ks Second Intention for example