NEGATIVE Guardian Tokens (-36 to be exact)

So I’ve experienced a million different bugs and performance issues but this one really pisses me off.
Somehow my guardian ranks went backwards. I have negative 36 currently, but as I gain levels it is getting closer to being 0 again.

This isn’t just a UI glitch. My tokens are being stored somewhere as negative integers so…someone messed up a loop somewhere maybe?

I guess I’ll fill out a support ticket but I imagine 2k is absolutely buried in them right now. I guess it doesn’t really matter since there isn’t really any endgame content. I’ll just go play something else and maybe they will finish the game sometime before the end of next year.

It is a bug for sure. But you have not lost anything. Rather the game has “gifted” you with extra ranks, because you seem to retain the bonus stats and now slowly pay them back.

Go offline / disconnect your internet before loading up the game, rank up once, and it’ll show your correct rank. You’ll also get all the tokens you would’ve got otherwise. Unfortunately it’ll go back to negative the next time you connect online, but its easy enoiugh to rank up offline w/ the extra XP you’ll get. Whtv they did w/ the hotfix messed some stuff up.

Yeah, it’s a bug with the XP system. Occasionally, the game will award you with tokens despite not actually earning the proper amount of XP and Guardian Levels. You can spend those tokens, but eventually the amount will become negative until you “work it off” by leveling up.

Just think of it as the game giving you a loan on tokens that you’ll have to pay back later.

From the people i personally know that have had this happen is because they did that bug were going offline mode to get off the hotfix update. So if you have done this to i can see why your Grank is bugged me personally have not done the bug nor plenty of other ppl that i know of and none of us have experienced this only the ppl that did the offline bug for exp.