Negative Legendaries

Obviously, a majority of the community dislikes when legendaries are nerfed. So… Let’s take a page from Borderlands’ book. Fabled Tortoise anyone? Let’s have some really annoying side effects on legendaries. Negative health regen, plus shield recharge time, negative shards per second, anything! Or even just outrageous normal negatives. Plus 50 percent reload speed, - 300 shield, etc. This could just be on new legendaries, or make the strongest legendaries slightly less unfair. Thoughts?


You’ve got to make sure that the negatives aren’t aspects that do absolutely nothing to certain characters.

Thorn is unaffected by attack speed or reload speed buffs or debuffs.

Eldrid characters all have 0 shield by default and can take loads of -shield without any tangible penalty.

A vast majority of characters have no ability to heal and would laugh at -heal power; the same is true of character that do not track ammunition where -reload is concerned.

Negative shards per second would be either overpowered (if you bought it last and don’t really have much to spend shards on) or obscenely terrible (since you’d be hemorrhaging shards while trying to buy shards).

Sounds great for PVE.

I think PVP will have issues though.

Yes, I could see it getting difficult to balance carefully. Likely they’d be terrible legendaries in order to avoid things being too strong.

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Yes. I am afraid for PVP, legendaries are not possible.

I could see them being fine as long as they stick to certain penalties. -HP, -attack speed, and +CD would all be significant penalties for anyone. I don’t think they would necessarily be stronger, but I could see them being cheaper to activate than other legendaries.

Consider a legendary with +speed and +dam with a 0 cost but reduced any shards you get by 50%. You’d get a big benefit right at the start, but it comes at a significant penalty later.

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Eh, you’re partly right. Kelvin actually has a shield … but a negative recharge rate. Give him a perfect +Shield Recharge Rate item and he’ll actually have a 300 point shield, though it will charge much slower than other characters.

Also worth noting that -Shield Capacity items DO reduce the amount of overshield from pickups, Sheperd bots, Reyna’s overshield, and possibly from your own skills if Kelvin or Boldur.

Back on topic … I’d prefer if legendaries did not have negative effects, as many legendaries are strong enough as they are. If you’d be allowed to make one effect negative, you’d also be allowed to increase the other two effects to make it even … and then you’d simply use them on a character who wants both bonuses, but isn’t affected by the negative.

Now that I’ve thought about it more, theyou could do things like no longer receiving over shields. That affects everyone.

I’m pretty sure that people hate negative effects on gear more than nerfs to rebalance things.