Negative Post from a Positive Person

I haven’t posted here much, but they’ve been very constructive and/or positive posts, for the most part. I love Battleborn and have only two real gripes - Spin2Win and the matchmaking process, and I’ve tried to be positive and constructive in regards to those opinions.

But I can’t do that this time.

I just played 5-Player Advanced Heliophage with one of the most skilled 5-person PvE pickup groups I’ve ever been in. We got a score of 197,504, Gold Medal, and only 2 Respawns. Only 2. On Heliophage. Where the national pastime is cliff-diving. Our rewards for that heroic effort … during LOOTPOCALYPSE … was:

2 Greens
5 Whites

I’m sorry, I just can’t be positive on that reward in any way. To be frank, it’s utterly ridiculous based on the current promotion and length and difficulty of Heliophage advanced.

I know it’s all chance. I get that. I really do. I just don’t feel that the result we got should have been a possible outcome. You can get whites/greens in just a couple of minutes by starting normal hardcore games on Experiment and then looting the first (and sometimes second) megachest and then jumping off a cliff. Mind you, I haven’t done that, and I’m not endorsing it, but I know it’s possible, quick, and guaranteed. Unlike 5-player Heliophage Advanced. During Lootpocalypse.

Game ID: 20160715-4c6cb229-a69b-43fb-8491-5e62679b5ec9


Forgot to add - We opened all 3 megachests and killed all 6 bosses before Rendain.

I did it with 2 other people on hardcore advance and we only got greens. something seems off, was getting way better drops before this event.

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You don’t get loot based on your performance. Those items are generated randomly when you beat a boss, or open a chest, or complete a bonus challenge. Random drops are very common with GBX games, it ain’t new. If you run it on advanced, you’ll probably do even better than average.

Also, is this just ONE mission, or across multiples, because I’ve been playing story missions since this morning, and had two of my five runs end with trash gear, the other 3 ended with raining legendaries and epics.


I think the OP understands this but he’s saying that it should be to an extent. It’s kinda bs to beat the hardest mission in the game which take roughly a little less than an hour and not be rewarded with something worth while.


Only gotten one today so far, it was a disabled one though.

Random loot means that nothing is guaranteed.

But sure, that would be disappointing.


The 6 pre-rendain bosses do not drop any legendaries ever. Rendain is the only boss with a legendary loot pool in that mission. Which sucks, and I hope one day it gets changed, but it is what it is.


same here… no matter how many advanced mission we do, not a single legendary drop.
We only get greens and blues from bosses and purples from hidden lootcases.
before this event started we all got every 2-3 boss a legendary, but now during LOOTPOCALYPSE not a single one.
Something realy seems to be broken here.

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That sounds like my RNG…
But once in a blue moon I have situations like running the Algoritm (just after the increase they did a while back) and got 3 legendaries in one run. Welcome to the ups and downs of chance.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. Lots of good points.

I know performance has nothing to do with drops. I was just pointing out how difficult it is to beat Heliophage on Advanced with a pick-up group, and to make sure everyone understood that we weren’t slouching in the killing and chest-opening department. We did it all - no chance left … unchanced?

Perhaps a bad green/white roll during any other time would just be “disappointing”, like Psychichazard said. But this is Lootpocalypse.

Google’s definition of Apocalypse, #2:

Apocalypse - an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.

Let’s redo that with “Loot” -

Lootpocalypse - an event involving getting loot on an awesome or catastrophic scale.

I didn’t misunderstand the meaning of this event, right? The loot is supposed to be awesome, not catastrophic, right?

Again, this result would be acceptable (albeit disappointing) if it weren’t during the Lootpocalypse event. I know random is random. I get it. I’m not complaining about that. I’m complaining about inappropriate rewards specifically during a special loot-based event. I try to remain open-minded, but it’s going to take a lot for me to accept that greens and whites are appropriate rewards for the longest, hardest map and final boss during a special loot event. I’m sorry - that’s just the way I see it.

I really don’t think it would be asking too much to at least guarantee a Blue on an advanced boss during a loot event. Because, like I said, you can get guaranteed greens and whites, even outside of this event, with very little risk or time cost by running to the first chest on a map like The Experiment. Reward should be at least roughly commensurate with cost during a loot event.


Next run… only whites from lootcrates and minibosses… final boss didn´t drop anything at all.
Same for everyone i talked to so far.

Lootpocalypse seems broken or they did something wrong.
RNGesus can´t be worse than before this event for so many people if it is usually supposed to rain legendaries.

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Had a similar experience. Ran 3 advanced missions and got nothing but whites, greens, and maybe a blue. Was really disappointed, considering this event is supposed to be raining down high end gear more than normal. These three missions felt worse than it did for me a few days ago before the event.

Drop rates were way better than before the lootapocalypse began. Most of my friends that play are telling me they have only gotten 1-2 legendaries after roughly 6-8 missions to were we got 5-6 legendaries in 2-3 missions during the week.

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I saved up 100,000 credits for this event to buy loot packs to help get legendaries. As of now I have bought 10 Epic Loot packs and have gotten 1 legendary (it was the Voxis Core, and I can’t even use it right now). I also haven’t gotten a single legendary drop from bosses either. I don’t know if I just have bad luck or it was overhyped, hopefully the first one.

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This Lootapocalypse seems to have broken something regarding legendary drop rates. True I’m getting more gear from bosses, but most of its seems to be green and or blue with a purple here and there.

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I must be lucky. I’ve gotten at least a couple of legendaries on every mission

For me, the legendary drop rate seems about the same. Supposedly, major enemies are supposed to be dropping rare and epic loot as well, which I have yet to see happen in 5 missions. As it stands, the only difference I’ve been able to note is the reduced cost for the loot packs (after buying another 9 Eldrid packs, I finally got the last Alani taunt, so I can move on).

I’ve heard that the legendary and epic drop rates have been accidentally put as uncommons and commons. Extremely unfortunate.

If that is the case, then it sure takes hella long for them to fix it. I mean, how long can it take to adjust some numbers. I already spent all my saved credits on the packs and got nothing. I think it warrants a refund for all of us that already spent their credits on some duds.