Negative Post from a Positive Person

I believe the same is not true of loot packs. Those just received a discount, no change in drops, so you should be safe. :smile:


Nothing. Just heard it. No evidence besides circumstancial. I personally doubt it. Just putting it out there.

Personally, I’m seeing a decent number of blue/purple drops from bosses, but aren’t blues/purples also supposed to drop off of the big non-boss enemies too (least I think that’s what a “major” enemy is; those major enemy items would suck hard if the only major enemies in PvE were bosses)?

I am seeing a lot more white/green items from random enemies though.

Same here. Ran the Sentinel and got at least 4 or 5 greens and whites off the golems infesting that level. Also find that the legendary drop rate is about what it was for me before the event, but I am getting WAY more epics than ever before. Possibly blues as well, but I have never found rares to be that … rare.

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To find a random team that beats Heliophage advanced like this was your reward, try to see it that way :+1:

Best regards.

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Yeah, I was a little disappointed with Heliophage tonight too. NO legendaries at all. Got another Firmware Update 1.51c, though. Like the 10th or 12th this month. So. There’s that.

I feel for O P and everybody else disappointed.

However, same as @THO stated, my experience is the opposite: Managed to run 2 missions last night before bed, the first resulted in several epics AND The Chrono Key.

The second, another bunch of epics AND The Stable Executioner AND The Vigilance Link (thou blacked-out).

I went to sleep content, to say the least.

Am not posting this to state how “good” I am or anything, just to show it happens.

In other words, as stated by @Psychichazard, it’s luck - and I wish O P and everybody else lots of it in the coming Lootpocalypse days :four_leaf_clover:

Totally agree with this post. Personally I feel like the drop rate has increased for white and green crap while blues, purples and yellows had gone down. I was getting legendary drops more consistently before the “Lootpocalypse” and let’s face it that’s what we are all grinding for not, cheap crap that is easily obtainable. This weekend is no where near worthy of the name Lootpocalypse.
I feel really bad that you’ve done THE longest and hardest level in the game and not been rewarded appropriately for your time especially on a loot based weekend. Personally think all the bosses you face should have a chance to drop their legendary on the Heliophage any way for the difficulty and investment in time. Hope Gearbox respond and let us know if a) Something has gone wrong their end and the update has screwed up the loot system or b) If we are just part of the unlucky few.
I hope you have better luck this weekend if so.


Hey guys. I accidentally posted an update in a different lootpocalypse thread (Noob Score! :dart: Sorry hehe), and I don’t wanna re-post it, so here 'tis -

I was talking to my friends while playing and I’m going to share my theory here too.

You know how before the event there were legendaries dropping left and right for awhile? They changed the drop rates for Lootpocalypse for the WRONG DAYS. Then when the event started, they went back down to the miniscule odds we had when the game launched.

I am noticing more blues and purples, but not a single legendary, where pre-event they were dropping usually at least one a mission, sometimes 2 or 3!

Step up Gearbox, pretty sad when you can’t even look at a calendar to set up event dates properly.

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Heliophage would be much better if all the bosses in the boss rush could drop their respective legendaries.

Then it would be THE farming spot.

But when a common thrall drops the same gear as Rendain… ughhh