Negativity in the Battleborn Community

I have seen people yell at other players who play as a Miko that fights instead of heals, use shield items on Eldrid, and even play a ranged Shayne and Aurox. The whole point of this game was to play how you want. I want everyone to calm down and be positive, but that probably won’t ever happen.


The whole ranged S&A makes me furious with laughter. It’s a nice ability to use for someone running away, but it should not be your base attack, and you definitely shouldn’t be using it at full health or when you see your mates chased and running out of battle.


True. However, Gearbox created Heroes with specific “roles” and it is assumed if you choose that character you will hopefully use that characters strengths to help the team win. I would expect a player who chooses Miko to try to heal their teammates when possible in a match rather them focusing on killing.

Best thing you can do to avoid any confrontation is to meet players with similar goals, add them to your friends list and queue as a group.


I always mute the entire team before the match, so I have yet to ever run into negativity in this game thankfully.


No offense, man, but welcome to online gaming. There IS NOT ONE game out there that involves multiplayer PvP, and that does not have this. Sad, I know, and I wish it weren’t so. But that’s life.

Take the nature of people, to want to min-max the Hell out of anything/everything, to push it as far as their abilities and wallets will allow, and so on. The Fast&Furious crowd after the first of those movies came out, for example. Suddenly, everyone with a Honda Civic was pouring tons of cash into everything from cheap mufflers to complete engine swaps, and all points between.

Add the anonymity of the internet. I can yell and yell and yell at someone over in-game VOIP or on Discord or on TeamSpeak or whatever, and I’ll possibly never be seen on the same continent with him/her for the rest of my life. Not like I’ll ever have to say that to your face, nor that I’ll have to be held responsible because someone’s feelings got hurt, so…

2 + 2 = getting-yelled-at-on-the-internet

It is the century of the thick skinned and the forgotten. Pick a side…


I’ll never agree with people taking Miko and not using him/her for what he/she was designed. As I said in the early days post-release, characters with serious healing abilities are quite rare, so don’t lock them and deny someone else the ability to heal when you don’t want to assume the role. If you want to dps, select an actual damage dealer. My definition of “play how you want” is more of a “there are characters for every needs and wants, so grab the one that actually matches your playsyle”.

People have every rights to play how they want, but they should at least respect their teammates and play according to the rules - or not complain when they aren’t getting respect from their teammates in return.

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I like to think they are the minority… But humans can really suck (sometimes).
‘Competitiveness’ can really bring out the worst in some people, it’s not like they are getting a novelty cheque at the end of their victory (or something horrible in defeat).

But… There are good folks out there, if you come across any, send them a positive message (eg. That they played well. Or thanks for the healing.) and hopefully the goodness will prevail!

And for all the cranky pants out there… Karma, it will get ya! (Or at least, that’s what I’ll keep telling myself when I come across them, haha.)

It is just a game at the end of it all. It can easily be switched off.
But what is said and done towards a player (known, or Unknown) can stay ‘on’ one’s mind/heart for sometime… Whether we want to admit it or not (this is not a matter of ‘harden up’, this is human decency).

Be kind to one another… And be kind to yourself! :heart:


I suspect some players forget there are contributing factors to their success or failure as a player of team-based online games that don’t have a stat line in-game. Although we generally assume players are at least nominally interested in the successful completion of a given map, they may have very different ideas on how to go about it and figuring out how to either adapt to or resolve those conflicts is as much an essential skill as knowing which button does what.

Players get to accept or ignore the suggestions of others as they see fit - and there’s nothing you or I can do to alter that, aside from whatever interpersonal skills we can bring to bear. Being an ass about a situation is probably not going to improve matters - if they don’t just bail or start actively griefing, it’s easy enough to mute the audio. If you’d like someone to do something differently, figuring out how to pitch it properly may make a huge difference on whether it happens or not, which could have a significant impact on whether you have a good game or a bad one.

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I agree that players should play how they want - wholeheartedly, even. Though, as much as the negativity in the community sucks, it often leads to a healthy discussion.

You obviously never play S&A…her ranged is one of the BEST in game. I only play her range…I almost always top the damage and kills when I range with them. if the target is three feet in front of me I am throwin dem rangs baby!!! I always hang my head in disappointment when I watch some poor shlub going full melee with her…

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…Big hug.

The Sentinel Advanced mode is where I see this the most.
That first part causes a lot of team anger.


Why is that a bad thing? It gives them a few extra seconds of survivability. Sure, all Eldrid have a passive health regen, but it won’t keep them alive if they get caught in a fight.

I’d rather my Eldrid character stays alive thanks to a shield and helps the team with something in the long run, than be without one, die and sit in the respawn screen for 30 odd seconds, not being able to contribute to anything.

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I highly agree with op here. Making our community the best community will help it grow. Of course you’re going to get jerks, but what can we do to be better?

One thing comes to mind, make sure to send positive messages out. Tell a teammate they’re doing awesome when they’re awesome. Say good game to the enemy. Give constructive criticism to enemies or allies if they’re stomped so they can get better.


I know you are saying this with good intentions and true that everyone should have fun from their experience by playing the game as they want BUT this ends where the notion of “TEAM” comes into play.

You can’t just do what you want in a team game.

In addition to locking it, people who play team based games like this for a considerable amount of time (well anyone who have some common sense tbh) knows that your personal preference is of lesser importance.
f i see a Miko i think we have a healer and try go for other complimentary roles.

An average proper 5 man comp who knows what they are doing will always beat 5 pro individuals that do what they want with a ■■■■ comp.

If you wanna dps, pick a damage dealer, not Miko.
If you want to tank, pick a tank, do not try to tank it with a damage dealer.
If you want to heal, pick a healer (obv :O).

I need to get better at this/start doing more of this.


It’s relatively easy :slight_smile: Stay away from the caps lock, when you want your team to do something ask instead of tell (e.g. ‘get that turret plz’ instead of ‘GET THAT TURRET’) or you can go above and beyond and be really nice (e.g. ‘x, could you get that turret?’) and little things like ‘nice’, ‘ty’ and ‘wp’ mean a lot.

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I need to start doing that too. I also get upset when I see a Miko just dealing damage but I give tips instead and try to tell them to heal in a nice way lol… I don’t think you can talk to the enemy team to tell them gg though

Well a miko that’s fighting over healing should not be playing miko. He’s the best healer in the game not an assassin. Pretty much every time I see a miko that’s just fighting I consider us down a team mate if you want high dps and killing potential pick an assassin

I always use her melee and use the boomerangs for finishers

thats awesome! to insinuate S&A are not being played right if not using melee is a highly incorrect statement though. S&A excel at doing a ton of long range, midrange, close range dps with nice CC and stealth. jtmhavoc has no clue what that character is capable of making statements like he did.