Negativity in the Battleborn Community



I’m on the ‘play how you want to’ side because science. Gotta try 'em all. Also, fun.

I love finding a new role for a character. Pocket-team-healing ambra ftw. all you people who think mikos the best healer in the game by default need to try comps with the other support characters. theyre all fantastic in their own ways, and arguably put out a lot more healing. kleese’s is a passive for crying out loud.

different strokes.

also, id be careful telling people they cant do something. as soon as that idea is propogated, theres nothing protecting you from others doing the same in a manner you dont agree with. :slight_smile: 'murica and all that.

Like I said play how you want, but don’t selfishly expect everyone else to be cool with your decisions if that decision is actively contributing to the others on your teamhaving a bad time then try and shame them for daring to complain. Also I am pretty sure there are absolute things that people should not do in game, like going AFK till the match ends or leaving before character select because they didn’t like the levels of the players. But by your logic we shouldn’t scold players for that or make the behavior unwelcome because hey, play how you want it’s just a game amirite?

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Fair enough, and I generally agree.

Sorry, I hope that hasn’t come off that way. Shaming is outside the scope of what I’m trying to say here.

VERY MUCH agreed. Sure, real life happens sometimes, and that’s to be expected now and then. But when it’s negligent (“I was tabbed out looking at articles about Galapagos tortoises.”) or intentional (“These guys are gonna smoke us anyway, so I’m out.”) then it’s a crock. TOTALLY agree there. And yeah, I know that losing is less fun than winning, and winning IS the goal most of the time (cheesing challenges, etc., is usually known up front). But even if you’re gonna get it handed to you, play it out anyhow. You might learn something and improve your own skills. ABSOLUTELY agree with you there.

Also agreed. Scolding is for parents to do.

Depends. Make it known that it’s not WINNING behavior, and you were kinda looking forward to, y’know, WINNING? Sure, go right ahead. Chase off a new player with a mountain of righteous salt? Not so much. There’s a blurry line in between somewhere; on one side of it we’re too understanding, and on the other we’re salty puglords. The balance is going to be different on a case-by-case basis; you can’t make everyone happy.

Dude, I really feel ya here. BUT, we need separate queues for that to be solved, and until we have them we’re gonna be stuck with PUGs who are opposed to meta conformity. We can be too nice to them (and encourage losing behavior), or too not-nice to them (and discourage someone from even playing). Finding a working balance between them is a tough problem.


no, i dont tell those people off :smiley: im naive enough to beleive the ones who’ve done it to me did it with good reason to. :smiley: when we get a report feature that can be used if i truly suspect someone of foul play :x

no ones saying you cant be upset, were just asking to keep it productive.

“hey, we’re getting rekt, miko, can you stay back and focus on healing montana?”
“montana, you need to make sure not to overextend, or you’ll get yourself and miko killed; we need you out there”

they dont listen, why not leave?

but i truly believe the only solution would be to group up, not pug.

even in the discord we have people who are serious about winning, and people who are only there for fun. you type what youre interested in, and you get results.

if im playing with people who want to win, they tell me and i do my best. they tell me what not to do, i do my best.

but mostly i play with the ‘fun’ crowd. shrug


Well, my eyes have been opened. Granted, I’ve never been vocal towards someone I have suspected of not playing their characters the “right” way, whether it’s eldrids with shields, ranged shayne’s, or combat mikos, but now I’m going to do my best to be a little more open-minded about it and not immediately get irate about it.

It’s nice to see everyone so passionate about this game, though. I can’t be the only one who will gain from this discussion.

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Miko reminds me of a job in final fantasy 14. The scholar. A good scholar heals the team, while a great scholar can be a deadly damage dealer while still keeping everyone alive. Same thing applies to Miko. I don’t say anything to someone that uses Miko completely for combat, but it does upset me.

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I once quit a losing match and one of the guys on the opposing team messaged me calling me rage quitting trash. Instead of rebutting more animosity, I told him I quit the match because there was no communication and we were going against his 5 man premade group. I congratulated him on his team composition while reminding him that I was far from “trash” and finally, I told him that name calling wasn’t very nice.

I think I handled that situation perfectly. But I wonder what prompted him to give me that respose in the first place?


Using miko for combat isn’t a bad thing doing both is actually very good but just going straight dps is stupid altogether because there’s no point in picking a combat healer if you’re just gonna do combat

Fun facts:
Kelvin (Eldrid) with shieldrecharge and shield items is beast.
Damage-Miko can be a damn good healer with the right items and helix choices… actually they heal the entire team a lot better than singletarget heal-Miko.
And there’s a lot more these wannabe pros are so wrong with because they still don’t understand some of the more advanced mechanics… but still they’re the ones who are the loudest and most toxic players.
But anyways… that happens in every single teambased pvp game outthere… there are always some people who want to dictate others how they have to play… sadly!

Awww. Being sarcastic and confrontational are part of the fun of online games. People mistaken it for hostility. Its just banter.

:thumbsup: for that analogy.

Now this is pure gold. :heart:
I think that the different attitude of casual and competitive players towards ‘min-maxing’ is at the core of this.

  • As a competitive player, you’re prone to work around your character’s strengths, trying to maximize efficiency.
  • As a casual player, you’re open to new ideas, experimental playstyles, but not as fixated on efficiency.

A team can benefit from both perspectives, but it takes some work and the will to cooperate.

  • For the ‘pros’, this means if you see someone playing ‘wrong’, give advice. Explain why it isn’t good. Trying to teach is the only time-efficient way to go.
    If you can’t (or they just don’t listen), try to fit them into the group as the role they want to play.

  • For the ‘noobs’ (no insult, couldn’t find a more suitable term), this means to differentiate between hostile comments and useful advice. If someone takes the time to tell you how you could improve, it might be worth listening. If you feel that you don’t like to live up to the expected role of your character, try another.

I must say i never got my head wrapped around this concept. Maybe the fact that english isn’t my native language adds to my problems, but if someone yells at me or makes fun of me, I consider that hostile.


It’s hard to agree with you when this little shiner is in there. The point of the game isn’t to play how you want, its that there’s a playstyle for everyone, but if you play as a dedicated support, and never heal you’re not fufilling your class role. This is still a competitive game, and you are expected to actually try.

While I do agree that people are too harsh on one another, supports like Ambra and Miko are just not as effective at murder as some of their comerades. Whatever that battle Miko is attempting to accomplish could have been done faster and more easily by the teammate they just left to die.

I could see how that could be confusing. At the same time, being sarcastic and fake hostile to one another is as part of my regional culture as anything i can imagine. It is a shame that people mistaken it for being mean when it is more often good natured.

There is also a difference between being cheeky and flat out yelling at other people. I’m just worried whenever people encourage being nice. Not everyone’s idea of nice is the same.

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It’s kinda subtle, but yeah, one can usually pick out the difference if one is fluent in the language. Can’t recall the names of the specific linguistic concepts at work there.

You say ‘regional’, I say ‘Army’. You know they don’t like you when they STOP talking s**t to you. :wink:

Win or Lose I’m here for fun


Are you serious! This isnt a game guys. This is real life. Death in battleborn=death irl. Its not a game to me, that means its not a game to anyone. Understand? This game is my life and YOU all need to take it seriously, cause if you dont then basically what you’re saying is that my life is meaningless. WOW! How dare you say that! This isnt a game and you need to take it more seriously, wins=I’m better than all of you, and I need you guys to know that. Jeez, is that to much to ask for!


Nobody likes a quitter, no matter how you polish it.

Now, don’t get me wrong… messaging you is all sorts of “It’s just a game nuts”. However at the end of the day you quit the game before it’s conclusion, you abandoned your teammates. You were a rat leaving a sinking ship. Your reply was really just passive aggression if you think about it.

He could of answered you with "Why did you not try to improve communication? Do you only want to complete games you are winning? If it was that bad why did you not call for a surrender using the system the game provides for you?

At the end of the day… you DID rage quit. You were losing and you left because it upset you, and that my friend is a rather trashy thing to do.

I know what you mean and an obvious point. Just to provide a counterpoint however to your sarcasm.

This game occurs in real life, people have to use their real life time to play it. Wasting peoples precious free time is a serious consideration even if a game is not.