Negativity in the Battleborn Community

I don’t want matches handed to me. I want to win matches through teamwork and communication.

I tried to communicate with my teammates multiple times. They completely ignored the call for surrender (no votes for or against it other than my own). Everyone was just running around doing their own thing and getting wiped. Their deaths far outnumbered their kills, and it began to be very obvious that they weren’t taking the game very seriously.

If they found my departure distasteful then fine, they can report me. But I wont force myself to play with people who just don’t care.

Toxicity is a problem in many places, but we don’t want it here, which is why we are very active as a mod team, and discourage negative comments or discussion about other forum users.

I’d strongly recommend that people read the forum rules now, or I shall be forced to use the cute animal pictures.

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Are you referring to the polite discussion myself and precursor are having above?

Jeez I wish people would stop misusing the word toxic… I’d like to strongly recommend they go read a dictionary.

Yeah man, boom and I are cool. Just a little debate between us two, that’s all.

I’m making a general statement. But yes, it would apply to your conversation, as it’s beginning to get a little personal.

If you would read the rules, you’ll know what you should do if you have any future queries about moderation. Here’s a link:

Please use it. Ta.


Also I totally understand you leaving BTW and I’ve done that sort of thing myself in past games. I just think that if one can manage the fortitude to slog your way through it you do so…

And you know… without even asking I would be willing to bet that you have slogged your way through in this situation many time before.

Sometimes the mods here could do with chilling just a little bit. Let us have a duscussion.

Did you read the bit in the rules about how to deal with concerns about moderation?

Please do so.

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It’s not a language thing. You are 100% correct in your assessment. There is NO justification for hostility and/or ridicule in the name of fun!

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Interestingly, the guidelines for the ingame report function are pretty clear on this stuff.

I’ll find a link in a minute, but I’m all in favour of them.


“Help all other players have a fair and fun experience, even during competitive matches. Specifically, don’t go out of your way to give yourself unfair advantage. Also, do not go out of your way to insult or belittle teammates or opponents”

Seems pretty straightforward.

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The problem with your response is that I don’t play the game to please other people. I’d assume most people also arn’t playing the game to make sure that people on their team are kept happy and pleased. I play the game to please myself, as such when I have fun that is all that matters. So wasting others time is not really my concern, but theirs.

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I’m sorry but I have read this whole thread and I have to leave this here


Actually, it kinda IS. More a cultural thing than a language thing, but the two are so hand-in-hand when it comes to HOW we communicate, that it’s almost a moot point.

And knowing how to parse these things between friendly banter and actual hostility, it’s part of fluency.