Nel's drop rate higher than Iwajira?

I’ve fought Nel twice (once around level 30 in NVHM and another time around level 50 in TVHM). Both times he dropped a Skullmasher. That’s 2 for 2.

What are other people’s experiences here?

I know I probably just got lucky. Though I suspect he also has a higher drop rate for his legendary. Probably because it’s kind of hard to trigger him, let alone know to explore around.

The first time though, the skullmasher was sitting practically in the lava of the little canyon. Our 3 man team spent about 10 minutes trying to get it. Finally I managed to squeeze myself against the canyon wall + of course slowing my descent with my Oz kit, just enough to grab it before dying.

I’m in UVHM. In the past 20 Iwajira kills, I’ve gotten the Thingy 0 times. In the past 12 or so Nel kills, I’ve gotten 6-7 Skullmashers. I’m getting a Skullsmasher just about every other time I kill him.

And I hear you on that damn lava canyon. The last time I killed him, I saw the flash of orange as he died, so I knew the Skullmasher was somewhere. Somehow, it (thankfully) ended up on the other side of the canyon. XD

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I’ve killed him 5 or 6 times and he’s dropped 3 skullmashers. But shhhh, we don’t want GBX nerfing his DRs.

He’s also a pain in the ass to farm, too, because of the panels.

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I’ll be bringing along an acrobat kit next time!

Hadn’t thought of that. Will give it a shot.

0 for 2 on Nel and about 5-7 for 12-16 on Iwa (been a little bit since I did an Iwa kill so I don’t remember exactly how many I did but I know I didn’t get too many Thingy’s, roughly a 50% chance at best but again it’s been awhile so drop rates might’ve changed)

Conversely I have 1 or 2 thingys from 30 kills on Iwa. I should try the UVHM version though.

Well, he is a d*ck, after all.

  1. Ya I’m pretty sure nel’s rate is higher. Did him about 4-5 times, two skullmashers (one skookum to boot), and I’ve done godzilla like 15-20+ times and gotten a single (level 48) thingy.
  2. My strategy for avoiding skullmasher tears from it dropping off the map is when I kill the two BA scavs to move over to the moon zoomy station. Nel spawns soon after the BA’s bite the dust, so there’s a window in which you can position yourself optimally.
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Where does Nel re-spawn? I’ve only ever done him once and can’t find him again?

He’s in Moon Zoomy Run (past Regolith Range where you fight Deadlift). Fastest way to get there is Fast Travel to Serenity’s Waste, hop on a Stingray, drive out towards Regolith Range and keep to the right.

Right I know that, what I meant was I fought him saved and quit and he was gone and so were the letters (don’t know if you have to do that every time)

Oh. Sorry! Yeah, that’s weird. He respawns for me every time I save and quit. Are you still early on in your playthrough? If I remember right, he wouldn’t respawn until I turned in the mission where you first encounter him.

I beat UHVM and haven’t reset it yet

Hm! I don’t know then. He should definitely be respawning for ya. Maybe fill out a support ticket or something? Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

It’s fine I only tried once as I was going to bed, I will try again tonight!

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I thought/think the letters respawn when you save, quit and reload. And I think you need to put up the letters every time.

BUT I have only fought him twice and those were with two different characters I have. So I have no idea.

This. I haven’t done it again myself (wifey and I just finished NVHM) but I’ve seen a couple YouTube videos explaining this. The panels are a little tedious to grab and place but it will get him to spawn again after a save&quit.

In reply to the OP, I would say Nel has to be one of the most generous bosses with his loot.
The only problem I see is been able to reach and access the signs by the two chests to make him mad and make him fight you.

I got a LV50 Skullmasher in my first try ever. I tried it a second time with a second character, but got nothing. So I’m 1 for 2.

And when I fought him both times, I made him chase me to the front of the garage by the vendors.
I fought him there so I could clearly see and get the loot he dropped.

Also noticed in the old forum in the “Items Finds of The Day” thread that quite a few people were posting that they were getting a drop in the first try.

I think they respect how tedious it would be to farm him. (although it would have been nice to see them think that way about all the other legendary dropping dudes, whether they would drop their legendary way more frequently or at least be more farmable - but we have other threads for that topic).