Nemo's Breakdown on the Patch Changes

Okay fam. Nemo here to bring you the deets on exactly what went down behind the scenes for everyone’s favorite spymistress in this latest patch.

But first, credit and thanks to @Phoenix-2613 for helping me with this.

To be succinct about it, effectively, practically, nothing changed. I mean at all. Playing Deande is gonna be exactly the same as it was before, with the notable exception that you can now rock adorable cat ears on your holotwin.

Now the change that everyone is talking about is the skill scaling change, wherein which everyone’s damage and skill damage scaling was altered to be percentage based. I’m sure I don’t need to post this, but you can view the patch notes here if you want to have a look for yourself. Supposedly, this change had a drastic effect on both Toby and Thorn, effectivly lowering their base attack damage values by roughly 20%. I don’t give enough of a damn about those characters to bother and test those numbers, so take my word for it or don’t, I’m just relaying information. When i say that Deande effectively hasn’t changed i mean that literally all her damage values across the board are exactly the same, and that the percentage scaling update seems to be irrelevant to her.

But you know me. I’m a perfectionist. I’ll give you the proof.

But first there is one notable change made to the helix menu I must go over first. I believe this change was made to all characters, however as I said I’d not care enough about the others to do this for them.

The Change

The change is as follows: Damage numbers, when viewed in the helix menu, are now dynamic and change in accordance with helix choices and any derivative effects of said helix choices.

What that means is that this number (as well as the other damage numbers)…

…now changes in your helix menu when you take Burst brawler, and more interestingly,Calculated Risk.

This is what led to a whole lot of scrubs instantly screaming at me “holy ■■■■ Burst Dash is now OP” directly after the update.

Scurbs: Do your ■■■■■■■ research and think with your head, FFS.

Moving on, just to prove that Burst Brawler is taken into effect…

Notice that the numbers jump up from 248 to 285, in correct accordance with the 1.15 multiplier.

Now moving over to Calculated Risk…

As you can see, not only does Calculated Risk have an effect on the number displayed, but the number displayed also directly correlates to your instantaneous shield strength, increasing until the number displayed reaches the peak value for the build. However, one important thing to note about thing to note about the menu is that you cannot actively view the scaling damage according to shield strength, which is why you saw me spamming the helix menu in order to show you that it does change actively.

Now moving on the what the scaling value DOES NOT incorporate…

Skill Damage items:

And EOS (no video on this one but just trust me, or test it yourself).

Note - While this scaling damage display is a new change with the latest update, i feel it is important that i point out that there were certain things pre patch that had a dynamic effect on this screen, such as both of Deande’s level 2 helixes. - End Note

What Does this Change Mean Nemo?

Lemmie break it down to you fam. The primary issue with this scalar is that it doesn’t display accurately accounted for total Burst Dash numbers. Disregarding EOS, the fact that the internal computer fails to account for Skill Damage gear leads to inaccurate readings, and a belief that you are actually doing less damage than you are.

Moreover, if you factor EOS into the equation we start talking about a value which i have dubbed “potential”, which is the highest possible damage a Burst Dash can do with a given loadout without the aid of external damage multipliers or the critical multiplier. The damage readout from the helix menu fails to inform you of a massive damage buff that you should be taking advantage of as much as possible, especially with the double skill damage buff.

Let’s do Some Numbers 'n Stuff

Burst Dash

So, the patch was supposed to change the scaling values of skills. Well let’s dive into Deande’s skills and compare the before and after photos. We’ll start off with total potential.

I have complied the total potential values of three of my primary Burst Dash builds, Main, Skill Stack, and 1019. I don’t actually have photo evidence, however you can check my loadout showcase to compare values, which as you can clearly see i haven’t updated since August 5th of this year. However if you want ill save you the trouble and tell you that they are exactly the same.


Skill Stack


Again, the values are exactly the same as they were before the update, which means that both my Math behind Burst Dash and thread Comeback King Guide are still relevant to this day.

It also proves that Burst Dash remains unchanged at base, still providing the same scaling of 8 per level.

Blink Storm

Moving on to Blink Storm, this is the damage of a single tick of damage at level 10 before the update…
Level 10 (64 - 2)
and this is after…

Likewise here are the full Blink Storm values:



Also worth noting is that the incorrect damage readout in the skill’s description still persists, as detailed by @Phoenix-2613 in her thread on the subject, here. She has a handy spread sheet in this thread if you would like to compare the values further.

Primary Melee



Okay you get the point I’m trying to make. The three of those are the most important aspects of Deande and they haven’t changed even slightly. None of her skills or attacks have. I’ll show you all the rest if you are really desperate for it but for the time being i feel like i can say with confidence that you don’t have to worry about it.

The Consequences of the Patch

So where does this all leave Deande? Right in exactly the same place she was, and the same place she will be forever. But at least now Holotwin wears cat ears :heart_eyes:

And 20 gigs of Boldur bot buffs…


This has existed for quite a while, if not since release.

Not on ps4. Is it an option somewhere?

I wrote even the stuff on Deande half heartedly. I’m tired and pissed dude. But it’ll all be over soon.

IDK, but on PC it has always been a feature.

Do you know what the skill damage scale value for Deande was before the update?

Assuming the new percentage scaling works the same way as damage scaling already does, we should be able to calculate what the actual percentage now is and can compare it with other characters.

On console I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that calculated risk was never factored into this, unless it’s an option somewhere that I never noticed.

More importantly Though, I did make a note in the OP on how some stats changed prior to the update.

It was 8 per level on both burst dash and holotwin.

That’s 4% of base

Thanks. Makes sense that they would match the attack damage percentage scale.


No I’m not suicidal. I’m referring to the fact that this game won’t have servers forever. Then ill be free whether i want to be or not.

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I figured. Maybe i just wanted to sing you a song, Nemo, and lacked a medium to do so!

I know what you mean… At least they’ll live forever in out hearts, right? I may get a Toby tattoo, so that he will be alive on my body as well… Full-blown puppy-doy eyes and everything…

Ive taken to doing fan art instead. I have one last academic project i want to do for Deande, but with a recent development I don’t think I’ll get to finish it. Otherwise ill be purly creative with my works.

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Please don’t make me cry. :sob:


Don’t worry. I got you Fenix. Well have STABS and our art. And the DHC with its storied history.

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Dude, you can draw?! I must see this… Most skilled Deande main. Most knowledgeable Deande main. Can also art Deande. You are inspirational. Seriously.

I know… I know… It literally felt like i was punched in the gut when the final chance for offline play was lost, and Toby’s fate forever leapord sealed (sorry… I’m a clown at heart…); but that doesn’t mean that all the tears have to be bad ones. Battleborn gave us characters that we will remember and cherish in our hearts for the rest of our lives, and so they will live on beyond the life-span of the game itself…


Maybe. I’ve only showed two people, and they were more sketches. But if I have something I like I’ll put it out.

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Gee, i wonder who? Damn DHC and their super cool secret club… I like to imagine a crudely-written “No Finisci dressed as Deande allowed!” sign hanging on the outside of a pillow and blanket fort, haha.

Anyways, i know it is because i am bored, but i’ll make a conscious effort to stop bothering ya. If you want to PM me a sample of your work, i wouldn’t be adverse. You have peaked my curiosity, and i already know that @Phoenix-2613 can art quite well, so now i am really curious…


:confused: ???

Who was the other? Or am I just drawing a blank here?

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I’m gonna keep that answer to the confines of our chat. And I thought you’d have passed out by now xD

not gonna lie you sound more tired than I’ve ever heard you rip feelsbadman

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