Nemo's official unofficial Deande orentated legendary gear quick guide - the comeback king

##A Few Words

This one is a long time coming. Despite the relatively small size of this quick guide I spent A LOT of time on it. The main reason for the shorter length is that I decided to cut all the fluff and give you only the information that affects you in game. Another big reason is that this guide only focuses on the legendary effect for the gear piece as I have plans to discuss the primary and secondary stats latter.

Also I state my apologies for the delay in releasing this guide. Work picked up right in the middle of my big testing bout in addition to the myriad of bugs, glitches, and problems that usually go along with creating something like this.

Finally I would like to thank ma boi @blainebrossart1 for all the help with through testing, not just in this thread but all of them pretty much. As well as all that side testing we do. And if you thought we were done testing stuff then think again! I shall not rest until I know everything. Perfection demands it.

Suggested (but kinda required) Pre-reading

-The Math Behind Burst Dash (seriously read this if you haven’t already. I cover stuff in this thread that is only explained in great detail there)

-PSA: EOS bonus damage prioritisation and distibution


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The Comeback King!

This is one of the greatest burst dash tool known to mankind. It is an absolute must have for anyone who plays Deande more than just casually. That isn’t to say you can’t do well without it, but if I put it to you simply it can be an advantage over conventional gear and all other legendries on several fronts. It has more useful synergy with the character than even the lore legendary. Of particular note is the special synergy between the king and shield stacking builds due to multiple colorations between helix choices and skills on Deande, some of which are not apparent right off the bat. As such I will be focusing this guide almost exclusively on the shield stacking playstyle.

##Where to get it

Now that I have briefly hyped up the gear piece allow me to disappoint you. This is a pack exclusive legendary. It is of the rouge manufacture, and as such it can be found in rouge loot packs or the rarity packs if you prefer to go buy those.

Oh wait…

Common core scam packs it is then! Everyone gets a scam! You get one. And you. And even you all the way in the back there. (If you play with me you get it)

Okay but seriously go pick whisky and spam Attikus and the thrall rebellion at 100 ops points until you get one. Or grind normal story for legendary packs if you prefer. Or you can just be lucky. That usually works.

##You, your game, and the gear

This is the really meaty part of the guide. The important bits. To start you off there are two situations that you can find in game where I will be analyzing the major role the king plays. The two situations I will look at are a direct hit on a burst dash and miss (AKA: a colossal failure. but it’s okay I miss sometimes too rip skill #nemoexposed).

So now we have to set some baselines. All scenarios take place @ level 10 with Calculated Risk, Burst Brawler, and EOS unless otherwise noted. Additionally, your loadout will be as follows and will be completely activated:

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If you have been paying attention you’ll notice that the two epics I’m running are the same two I ran for the little comparison test at the end of math behind burst dash. That makes this kinda like a part two where you get to find out how this third alternative stacks up against the other two.

Note – While both builds discussed in the end of math behind burst dash are technically shield stacking builds I will be referring to the one with the 3rd secondary of shield capacity as “Shield Stacking” and the one with the skill damage secondary as “Skill Stacking”. – End Note

First scenario: a hit on burst dash.

Since there are two sources of damage at play in this situation all of the multipliers need to be accounted for and then the two totals added together. The first damage source is the burst dash itself, and if you follow the math correctly you should get a total of around 936 damage.

The second source of damage is the king’s nova. One key thing to note about the nova blast is that the damage IS NOT static. It changes according to EOS, and as such is affected by skill damage gear. If you follow the math on the base damage you will get a total of about 181 damage.

But that doesn’t mean you can add the two. No. See what happens when you burst dash someone and the dash hits is that two attacks are happening at the exact same time. I recently discovered that EOS can only buff one instance of damage at any given time and put out a PSA about it. What that means is that when two attacks happen simultaneously only one of the attacks gets buffed by EOS.

Since the prioritization of EOS always seems to favor the higher damage attack you will always get a buff on your bust dash while the base nova damage stacks on top.

With that in mind, adding the two damage numbers will give you a grand total damage of about 1076. If you reference back to the math behind burst dash you find that the shield stacking build topped out at 1019 damage with the skill stacking build coming in at 999.

That makes this the highest damaging build possible on a single target with no other weird legendary effects, team synergies, or anything that is otherwise difficult to take advantage of. It’s a most bang for your buck kinda type deal.

Additionally, since this is a nova blast we are talking about your total damage potential can reach upwards of 2k when dashing into a minion wave, though that can be difficult with the short nova range. At a glance that sounds impressive right? Well just remember that this 2K damage potential is not condensed onto one enemy. It’s not like you can go around one shotting Montana at full health because you will still only do the 1076 damage at max to your primary target.

But that doesn’t make this extra damage useless. Actually far from it. To start with the obvious, that 140 damage can be enough to finish of a really weak enemy and net you a cheeky double kill. I’ve had it happen a few times, but I will say it is rare. That nova will get you a lot of assists however. While you are busy brawling the target of your burst dash your team will come in and kill those hit by the nova and get you some assist points you otherwise wouldn’t get. It even works on minions too and just makes leveling up a little bit faster through the higher levels.

Finally for this situation, I just want to comment on the silent strike synergy. It is prioritized the same way EOS is. That means that the kings nova does not become a slow nova to everything in the nova blast, rather the EOS prioritized target receives the slow. I.E. the target you intentionally hit gets slowed.

Second scenario: a miss on burst dash

As you can already probably guess this is a massive reduction on your damage potential. You basically loose the core of your attack, about 900 damage. Hoverer, all is not lost. When you miss a burst dash the nova will proc and grant you the EOS charged nova blast of 181 damage on a single enemy. That extra damage helps, but more importantly the nova released from the king will slow that EOS proced enemy.

If you are in a 1v1 type situation with no one immediately around you then there is a 100% chance that EOS will prioritize your original target and they will be slowed allowing you to finish them with melee. However when you get multiple enemies caught in the damage wave only one of them will be slowed, and with the random prioritization of same-damage attacks that slow might be applied to a minion instead of the weak marquis you are trying to rek.

One final important thing to cover in this part is how the king acts as a damage potential bank. This is more in line with a less than optimum situation, a situation that has you taking damage as you attack.

Because your total damage is heavily dependent on you shield capacity having a higher shield means you do more damage. Obviously. But when you use the king you have an overall lover shield capacity, yet higher maximum damage potential.

This has two implications, a pro and a con. The first is that with the lower shield capacity coupled with the recharge delay as your primary on the king you reach you maximum damage potential about 2.5 seconds sooner than the shield stacking variant build. On the flip side it means that you have fewer hit points to work with before your total damage potential is reduced to only the static base and the multipliers.

However, and this is again in favor of the king, because you only lose your nova damage at 0 shield capacity that means that no matter where your capacity is you will always be doing +140 damage on a direct hit as opposed to an identical build with the same shield cap but some other gear instead of the king.

Rapid-fire: Quick Notes

I’ve given you the main bits you need to know. This is just where I condensed a lot off the fluff information into point form just in case anyone cares.

-The king will not benefit from EOS if your shield is broken while cloaked

-The king used to do 50% bonus damage to shields but was nerfed in the winter update

-the king’s nova is affected by external damage multipliers like damage reduction and priority mark

-the nova range is small. Somewhere between your melee range and the base burst dash range. As such, the extended range given by deadly reach will not carry the king nova damage and you will only do 936 damage to the target. (full disclosure, I’ve only played around with the king’s nova range for a short amount of time comparatively. Figuring out damage and the EOS thing was more important and time was limited.)

-The king requires you to have a full shield recharge in order to pro your nova. This goes back to the damage bank thing I was talking about. It creates a wired situation where when you have 99% of your shield strength after depletion you only have 90% of your damage potential. Yet you hold that potential more, and when you are at 1% shield strength you could still have 50% the damage potential as opposed to a normal build which could drop down to about 35% damage potential. I advise you keep an eye on your shield capacity and make sure it has a chance to fully recharge.

Note – Those percentage numbers were only estimates. Hopefully they helped explain things a little better. – End Note

Final Words

So that’s the comeback king. If you can, use it. The higher damage, the extra xp, the failsafe, the damage potential bank, it has a lot going for it. No, none of these individual effects makes it worth it on its own, but the combination of everything into one nice little package makes this a truly invaluable tool. And that’s without taking onto account the primary and secondary stats on the gear piece. Of course this won’t automatically make you a Deande god, and there are a few cons to weigh in, chief among which is the activation cost of a legendary. I could even make a very good case for the skill stacking build against a comeback king build. But this gear should be at least considered by those who like to burst dash. It’s an amazing alternative to the conventional gear, and one that I’ve really grown to love over time.

I hope you all have enjoyed this quick guide. I may do more like this if I can find enough stuff to talk about on other legendries. But if not I have other ideas. But for the moment Horizon Zero Dawn is less than a day away and I fear I will find myself torn between that and real life. (I 100% had to get this guide out before then or it might not get finished :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

But I will be back! Or more accurately I will try to not leave completely. Gotta play Deande between killing robots you know. Anyway, seeing as Battleborn still has a few tricks up its sleeve after watching the final DLC ending you can bet that I’ll be sticking around for a long time.

You won’t get rid of me that easy Blaine. Not while perfection is still yet to be achieved.


Getting into legendary gear, it is worth noting that the shield web interdictor is not a bad choice for deande. It is a bit situational and costly but it has all the right stats. Against the right team its benefits might rival that of comeback but probably not. But for a secondary loadout for going against shield heavy comps or for people like me who don’t have a comeback king😭 It is not a bad choice.

I only ever used the shield web interdictor when I didn’t have the bolstering cognitive predictor. It is the legendary equivalent to the epic, and it is farmable so that’s a plus.

but i got rid of it from my loadout because A: it costs a lot, and B, the legendary effect dosent balance the cost well for Deande.

If you think about it you almost get no benefit from the legendary effect that the gear piece this thing to enforce. The stats correlate to shield stacking, but when you are shield stacking the enemy you are usually going after is either dead in under five seconds or you have abandoned to attack.

if you are killing the enemy is there really any point in prolonging their shield recharge delay? even if you dont follow up on a burst dash any stray damage and team mates will keep the shields down. if not then the target would have usually lived anyway.

my point is that things happen way too fast in game for the legendary effect to be useful.

BUT! if you dont have the predictor or the king or whatever then this is not a bad choice at all. just try to balance you load out costs. 3 legendary burst dash builds don’t work. trust me.

You could think of it as synergizing with lifesteal. If the bonus from EoS is skill damage would that mean she can proc the passive of SWI with a thrown fan? Or BTF?

@lemonheadjake if you’re going to use legendaries may I make a suggestion? Try lorrian skill spike(it’s a 35% chance to do 30% bonus damage on a skill and I may have transposed those numbers)

Shield web interdictor I consider an incursion specialty item because it works on sentry shields

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How many times did I let you hit me with a Burst Dash for this in all our testing, Nemo?

As much as I like running with the Comeback King, would you consider an attk speed build using the Doomsday Key or (possibly) the VoZF? Just wondering if that would be a decent legendary set up as an alternative.

I tried using VoZF, doomsday key, and a green gear with 5.04 atk speed and I don’t think I see a difference when I activate the two legendary,but i haven’t tested it.

IDK myself. I’ve not tested it either. It just looked like it could’ve worked. Oh well. =P

Always love seeing legendary specific builds.

Well I’m not sure how useful it is but I can confirm that EOS procs bola’s. I.e. Melee procs it under EOS. It probably works with SWI but I haven’t tested it.

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Lots 'n lots

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This is just me personally, but melee builds get me salty more often than I’d like. I prefer my burst damage.

But that legendary combo if viable and fun if you want to play around with it. However I would argue the stolen edge to be a better choice.

Now the real question is, does +skill damage increase the the damage amp of KU supply drones?

Taken on Deande or kid ultra? Because if it’s stacked on Deande I don’t think so. The drones count as an external damage amp I think and so they should just multiply on normaly. And if you are staking skill damage on kid ultra I have no idea. Probably not I would think though.

So how did you get comeback king? I really want it!

Legendary loot packs, Rogue Commander packs. Basically, play through Ops as Whiskey Foxtrot/Shayne and Aurox. Shoot for the diamond scores on story missions if you don’t already have a lot of them.

How do you get diamond on story missions?

You beat whatever the score threshold is for the specific mission. I. E. Score lots of points.

Sorry don’t play lots of the story, so like how to do you get more points?