Nerf Attikus Now

A melee character that can spam range slow down hits and then rush in. Melee characters in this game are ■■■■■■■ broken and need a nerf

You wot?


Attikus nerf? Attikus? Slow? Thats his legendary even with it its attikus is slow easy to out run. Cant spam slow its the first hit with his arc skill.
Melee arent op press quick melee pushes them so they cant hit you.

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Or you could, you know, learn how the character works and how to fight against him (& melee in general; hint: use quick melee)

Oh wait, I see you have a Rath thread here:

Please take some time to learn how the melee characters work or ask for help instead of screaming for nerfs every time you get roflstomped.


Attikus is the roadblock of death.

You will not make it home, little Ambra, there’s a stranger in the road.

That said, best late game pusher. Stack attack speed with tenacity… everything melts.

NOOOO trust me attikus sticks like glue on a camel with a bagel upside down. And his ulti yea you’re not running from him when he engages properly charged. But needing a nerf??? absolutely NOT

Just because he has some sticking power doesn’t warrant a nerf so I also agree Melee aren’t really OP yes galil , phoebe, and El dragon were terrors. But let’s not make it a trend to nerf all melee into the ground making really only a hero shooter with melee just being your derpy cannonfodder.

Let’s try to be nice here :O. Maybe he legit thinks melee’s need nerfing not about getting stomped maybe he played attikus and felt he was over powered. Maybe attikus was on his team and just carried too hard. You can’t just assume a person wants nerfs simply because they lost, and the solution to a nerf isn’t always just learn counterplay. if that was so ambra , phoebe and galil never would’ve gotten nerfed cause GBX would’ve said the same.

Now does Attikus actually need a nerf? U WOT!? NO heavens NO!

I…uh…thought I was being nice. Read the initial post again.

There are lots of helpful people here that would be more than happy to assist with “Melee characters are wrecking me, pleas help” thread.

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I only said be nice as an implication of you saying ROFLstomped. and I gave examples on maybe it had nothing to do with getting ‘Stomped’ at all. Anyways hey im not a mod so do w/e you like jus sayin’

Let’s strive to be polite folks.

The atmosphere should be welcoming even when we disagree on matters.


Than make people open threads about proper arguments, or make them write properly, so I won’t be just focusing the whining part, and will try to help him. It is really CLEAR that he is not here to discuss it, rather he fully accepted that Attikus needs a nerf. This is not a proper way and a legit excuse to open such threads, and you should focus more in if this thread is opened to discuss something, or not rather than observing others feedbacks because I CLEARLY won’t comment in this thread to help, as its certain that he doesn’t wants any and he wont reply back with a strong argument. You have to lock more threads than commenting, sire.

If anything he needs a buff…Most of his overcharges are garbage


or you could let the mods do their job? just a suggestion. they do a pretty good job here. insulting someone’s thread format, content, etc. never really gets anywhere. if you dont like the way he asks for help or think he is just complaining (which he has the right to do) then you can always just not enter the discussion.

personally, i think attikus is fine. sometimes you get wrecked in a game when you were outleveled, bad composition, etc. and you come on here and vent a little. i think that’s pretty human. give the guy a break.

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I think he sucks in PvP honestly. He’s too big to get shot up like he does


Yeah a lot of this; if Atty was the size of Mellka I could maybe see an issue with him. But he greatly suffers from being focused even vs non-communicating enemies due to his size and being easily body blocked by enemies and allies alike. Because of this Pounce has to primarily be saved and used for escape.

He also needs to disengage all the time for the first half of the game, and his passive requires a more strict teeter-tottering between minions/players to be taken advantage of.

Once he gets to lvl 7 though…“Did someone call for an unstoppable rampage!?”

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