Nerf carnage now

Carnage says it does so much damage but why does the swordsplosion do more? People please help me get gearbox to fix the carnage!!! NERF NOW

It took me ten clips to kill a marauder, it seriously needs a nerf

because the swordsplosion has gun based splash. so the ~1mill base damage also enjoys a 80% splash bonus, and critical damage. (i think its a 100% crit bonus?)
the carnage is pure splash, so it does the damage on the card, with no splash damage modifier. it also cant crit. hopefully this helps. for more on gun based vs pure splash, heres a vid that might help you.

Then why doesn’t the carnage do as much damage as it says?

it does, but the swordsplosion has more modifiers to increase its damage. BTW, buff is the word to use when you want something to get stronger in a game.


Then why is there a +1000 weapon damage and I said NERF for reverse psychology

the +1000% damage on the card does not apply, no gun damage boost from a card does that. all that bonus does is it increases the card damage to the 1.8 mill you see already. it does not apply twice.

Then get gearbox to buff the carnage it’s extremely underpowered for how much damage it says it does

Splash damage my friend.

Carnage works for the characters that can increase the damage splash causes. Like Krieg. It’s one of those niche-role pearls but it works in the right hands and build.


I’m using Krieg and it’s still crap

You are using it wrong maybe.
Which tree are you running?

Are you using a casual carnage? No other carnage really comes close to that prefix. It triples the damage and gives bonus reload speed and fire rate, bumping up the DPS tremendously.

casual does not increase reload speed.

Right, I was thinking of the natching grip bonus. My bad :worried:

For best results use Casual Carnage with Blood Bath skill. However as it is so rare even just to see a Carnage, I advise you to not care and stash your Carnage in the bank instead of using it.

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Go Casual or go home. Very few of the pearls are worth the price of admission, so I’d switch to something with some teeth, like a purple Ravager or a Swordsplosion!


It does exactly what it says it does.

I thought I heard something about the Ravager being nerfed in the last update. Is this true or am I imagining it? I could sware it was different pre-patch.

I haven’t noticed any difference. Explosive weapons were reduced to 80% splash damage, but the bullet damage wasn’t reduced at all.