Nerf Deande, buff El Dragon

I keep trying El Dragon but die a lot. I used Deande only once and she is so cheap I got many kills without dying once.

Deande can be mastered almost immediately; El Dragon requires a lot of practice.

Why would anyone bother with El Dragon when There are easymode characters like Deande?

Both characters are played differently and el dragon is much more tanky than Deande. Just depends on who you need to fit what role & comp.

What El Dragon is TANKY??? Ahahah no. You NEVER played him much I guess?

Yea, he could be more tanky than Deande.- Ult, stacks, gear

El Dragon does NOT need a buff. I am already starting to feel bad about what I’ve been doing with him.


Yea, agreed. He is quite strong right now, especially late game

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Build up your stacks. Gear for Regen, Damage Reduction, and max health. Go left at level 5 and right at level 9. He’s pretty tanky late game in the sense that the enemy team can waste a lot of time and damage trying to kill you for you to just clothesline away.


at max stacks and before lvl 5 Ed is marginally more tanky
after L-5 its far more noticeable
but with his higher mobility and Faster cooldowns he has considerably better survivability at any level


Can you guys imagine if his drop kick functioned more like deande’s?

I think it depends on what you mean by mastered. If you mean the lore challenges, you just have to get creative with El Dragon (use story missions) and the challenges become much easier. If you need tips on those, let us know.
However, if you mean mastered in the sense you have a grasp of how to play the character, I would say certain characters require certain counters. Less experience players not be aware of these counters because they aren’t familiar with how to play the enemy characters themselves.

For example, an easy way to counter Deande: silences, shock turrents, and sometimes reveals. She has low enough defense that even the best Deandes can’t really do much (at least in my experiences) when you keep these counters in mind.

EDIT: tl;dr - probably just need to try different play styles and gear loadouts for El Dragon or fight people that understand Deande.

They’re both characters that you really don’t need to worry about unless you see a certain name playing them. Which probably means they BOTH have a huge learning curve. But I think it’s that way for most assassins.

Both Deande and El Dragon can do damage.

Except Deande can be played with your eyes closed, while El Dragon requires weeks of practice.

So why would anyone play El Dragon when they can play Deande?

The key word is “more”. “More tanky” doesn’t inherently mean that the character is tanky, but rather closer to being tanky than the previous example.

In this case, consider a 1-10 scale of tankiness, where 1 is dreadful and 10 is fantastic.

Deande may (just as an example) be 3, whereas El Dragòn is 5. It doesn’t push him to be a tank, but he’s tankier in relation to Deande.

I beg to differ. Deande’s the one character that I virtually never worry about going up against because she’s seldom a problem, only starting to be problematic once she gets her ultimate.

There are only a handful of skilled Deande players that worries me such as @Nemosis327 or @Phoenix-2613. Outside of them and a couple of others, Deande tend to be a non-issue.

El Dragòn is, in my eyes, easier to use in every sense of the word but one; surviving. That primarily comes from his size as opposed to a thin Deande who’s jumping all over the place as a patt of her attacking animation. But El Dragón’s already a strong character and is balanced because of his struggle to survive.

Sure, it may need additional tweaking, but he’s hardly in a bad spot.


Not sure @Nemosis327 and @Phoenix-2613 would agree. She requires skill to play, and to play well. She isn’t an easy character to master, either. El Dragon needs buffed, though, but only a bit.

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Lol. Come at me, I ■■■■■■■ dare you.

(Insert ISIC gif here)


I’m a level 20 Master of Dragon on two accounts, hardly ever die, it just takes time to get better with him.

Have you considered that you just may not be any good with the luchador?


More food for thought: have you considered you’re new to the game and aren’t in the best position to call for balance changes? Weren’t you losing 90% of your games, like, yesterday?


He has a helix mutation that does that basically.

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Bycicle kick still launches him forward. Just goes a little farther, knocks enemies back a little more, and does less damage per hit (multiple hits as opposed to one big kick).

@lunsei Try this loadout with El Dragon. It’s pretty tanky.

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If you’re on F2P, go with this piece instead of the Blissbeast Skull Plate (which comes from The Void’s Edge, a story mission):

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