Nerf Deande, buff El Dragon

Nemosis is mad. S**ts about to go down, where’s my popcorn.

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passes the popcorn


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RedX doesnt play any character very much, still learning oscar mike, only plays PvE

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From what I can tell, the OP wishes to be better at El Dragon, but can’t get the hang of him, whilst on the other hand, they played once as Deande and actually did pretty well, but for some reason doesn’t want to play as her.

All I will say to @lunsei is the following: We can’t all be good at everything. Same goes for the characters in Battleborn. I’d love to be better at playing melee characters, but I suck at melee combat, so I focus my strengths elsewhere.

Besides, they’ve already nerfed El Dragon because he was too tanky (or too strong, I forget which).


Too strong if I recall

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So maybe you should listen to them when they’re telling you that Deande isn’t OP and Dragon doesn’t need a buff?


I already read nearly everyone here admitting they suck at El Dragon.

Not a single person here claimed to suck at Deande.

Hint, hint.

That pretty much sums it up, I’d say.

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Read it again and stop misinterpreting everything.

Hint, hint.

You can’t misinterpret something as easy as “yeah I suck at El Dragon but he’s totally fine”.

The argument everyone brought up apparently.

I suck with Deande, and am decent with El Dragon.

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Oh yeah, coming out of nowhere right AFTER I pointed out everyone was unintentionally proving me right by admitting they’re bad at El Dragon… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, I’m Blaine. Been playing since launch and Dragon is my 3rd most played character. I can assure you, he doesn’t suck. I can go into details as to why later but right now I’m on my phone and only have a limited time to type.

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No, it means she’s only a noob killer, like I’ve mentioned above.

Do yourself a favor and calm down a little on the OP calling. I play Deande for more than a year now, not on a competitive level, but I’ve played her against enemies of different types in public games on PC. I’ve seen Deandes I only can tip my hat to, there are some average ones like me and there are really bad ones who actually hurt their team.

The “easy kills” you mentioned above work against a bunch of headless chicken. Something like a good Rath on the team can single handedly take a Deande out of the game if she doesn’t get support from her team. Burst dash and blink storm can both be interrupted by a good smash and leave you behind in a very helpless situation. The “easy escape” with holotwin out of a full team doesn’t work at all against good opponents. SOMEONE will ping you and you are outlined and focused down (and then you may have taken out someone or maybe not, because you didn’t use your passive - but you still died and fed XP to someone).

The holotwin isn’t such a big distraction. The twin has glowing red eyes and always beelines into battle and doesn’t jump. When people have played against a Deande a few times, the clone mostly is recognized because of her behaviour (which allows for surprise attacks when it is mimicked, but don’t try that too often).

I disagree, because a willy nilly blink storm is mostly a death sentence for Deande and burst dash needs very good aiming, but why is it a negative for her and an AoE like dragon splash, a “run for your life”-skill like clothesline or a “buff attacks”-skill like En Fuego are not?

Doesn’t mean anything. I could take Pendles, hide in a corner somewhere and also won’t die. Is Pendles OP now?
Seriously, you need gameplay footage for that claim and I can tell by the way you’re talking that you didn’t play her against a very good team.

I play Deande because I like her playstyle. I have played some games that end well for me and I have some games that were an absolute disaster (sometimes because of me, sometimes because my teammates left me hanging, sometimes because I couldn’t walk anywhere close to the range I’m expected at without being focused down).

Characters can’t be balanced around how effective they are against bad enemies or we would end up with power creep that makes everyone oneshot anyone.

Because @Dr_H0H0 for sure won’t complain about a buffed El Dragon, but nerfing Deande would just make her less viable, when in fact she has been one of the few decently balanced characters for a while now. :wink:

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It’s like you ignored my post from a while ago explaining him.

Fine, fine, I guess I have to be wrong then. It seems for some mysterious reason I just could pick up Deande immediately but no matter how much I play El Dragon I still suck with him.

Can you post some ending score pics from matches? Would love to see your results. I’m not doubting your skill either… just curious.

I’m a noob oscar mike even though people say he is so easy to use ;(

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Ease of use does not reflect a character’s potential.

Welcome to Toby for 99% percent of players; yet there are people like myself, @vagrantsun, @Moostacho and others, who make him look OP.

Precisely this^.

Oh you ARE doubting my skills.

If you’re on psn we can play a match together and you can see for yourself.

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