Nerf Deande, buff El Dragon

I’d say yes, but ONLY if he beats Nemo with his eyes closed, because that IS perfection.

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I’ll start playing my Dragon with my eyes closed cause I wanna be perfect too.

See you guys on the battlefield! Oh wait…


I did not see that joke coming… :smirk:

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Did you consider that you may have a talent to play Deande, but not for El Dragon?
Not every character is played equally good by one person, each skillset appeals to a different kind of player.
(Just to note, I can´t do anything with El Dragon, because his skillset & stack-mechanics are not ment for me…)

May I ask against whom and in which mode? And under which circumstances? In PvE I can do this with almost all characters on a few maps I could perhaps run blind, against PvP-bots too, maybe.

But it´s kind of a…big statement if you say you can win matches easily (without dying to much and with plenty kills) against CR100+ players or veterans in open PvP, as you stated with no effort and your eyes closed. Even against bots you need minimal skills. And eyesight.

I wonder if you played against totally new players (below CR20) or that maybe your teammates were a incredible good compositioned team to be able to serve you such an easy accessable battlefield situation, where you could secure one kill after another, while being protected by your mates?


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I will instead reward your logic with a penguin: :penguin:

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Uppercut was all Deande had going for her back then. Before her attack speed was a lot slower and her Burst Dash had knock back (which seemed pointless in my eyes). It wasn’t broken because you could easily quick melee her away and she left herself in a vulnerable position whilst juggling people.

I loved uppercut deande… I felt like I was playing marvel vs capcom. Quick uppercut then jump for an air combo followed by a burst dash to send them flying.

I’d like to see you try.

You’d be surprised at how hard it is to carry a game as Deande. She needs a reliable team to back her up, there’s very little that she can actually do by herself.


Why was I tagged in this? It popped up on my notifications. :confused:


I removed your name because i remembered you said that you don’t care for 1v1s.

Same reason i didn’t include Demz.


Fair enough.

Although I would gladly accept a 1v1 in the defence of my main.

Otherwise yeah, the only 1v1s that I would ever accept would be the ones just for a little bit of fun, and to be honest I probably wouldn’t take them too seriously either. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you were to pick characters purely on power you would be playing Thorn or Boldur.

You don’t have the experience to make blanket statements and you should probably stop.


Out. :point_right:

You do not possess the proper respect or baseline knowledge to make such blasphemous claims.


Fine, pretty sure I’m correct, but I guess a lot of people like to main Deande and get easy wins and don’t want a nerf on her.

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Oooh boy you have just opened Pandora’s box.


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Instead list single points/arguments about Deande´s state and what in your opinion makes her so much stronger, easier to learn, OP ect. This way there´d be room for an actual discussion or debate.

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I main Deande because I love Deande, and one of the reasons I started maining her was precisely because the wins were not easy. She is fragile and struggles against any form of coordination by herself.


I guess “I can play her with my eyes closed” was not enough of an explanation. I’m sure everyone in this forum has played Battleborn more than me, and don’t need me to explain why Deande is OP and El Dragon is weak.

El Dragon is very fragile. He also doesn’t get damage or resistance until he gets full stacks, which means he’s a hindrance to the team until late game and a proper build (and possibly until he gets a team that works around his skills). El Dragon is the kind of character only a few selected players can do very good with… and only because they fixate on playing him and no one else until they’ve mastered him so much that even a weak character like him becomes a threat.

Deande doesn’t need a team working around her or her play style. Deande’s help to the team is more or less on the same level from early game to late game. Deande can farm exp and chase escaping enemies by throwing fans, without exposing herself to any risk.Speaking of escaping risks, her ability to create a clone is a life-saver that allows her to dive into the enemy team and get an easy kill and then escape away, and it also allows a distraction against the enemy team if she manages to not make them notice it’s a clone and not her. She gets a bit of lifesteal to add her sustainability and independence. Her skills do not require thought or mastering to be used effectively. Furthermore, I haven’t used her much, but so far I haven’t died ONCE with her.

Long story short, I’m quite sure she’s OP and easy for noobs, add to that her cuteness and this is precisely why people pretend she’s totally a difficult and complex character.

This pisses me off as it’s not fair. I like playing El Dragon but I keep wondering why I should do that when I can collect kills with Deande with zero effort.

Of all the things that are simplify incorrect about this post I am unsure of where to begin.


Thats like saying I’m only good at Shayne and Aurox because I think Shayne is attractive.