Nerf Firesale Longmusket, its ruined the game for me(mayhem mode)

This thing is overpowdered my friend used it and spent their whole clip and all their ammo and the purple dude didnt die.

Srs…narf it!

It drops everywhere. I throw it into voids/off the map and it comes back through enemy bodies when they die…
It cant die

Its too stronk!


The Devoted too. It drops practically every other drop and has no legendary qualities. Narf it to NYC and back.

P.S. that is NOT my champion.


Wow thats another unstoppable smg!

I think i foundout how to use the OverpowerRed Vanquisher you have to slide and open ur inventory throw it out and hope it flies off the map


Woodblocker makes trees useles it needs to be narfed!

You known its over powered Wotan drops its so much


Come to think of it, there is also that Superball pistol that deletes an entire map after unloading all of your ammo about 4x if you dont miss a single shot … or ummm ball. Its too stronk … narf it.

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The purple Torgue bologna poney ruined the game from me. When the game was realesad , those EXPlOSIONS WERE TOO POWERFUL , I HAD TO GO TO REHAB BECAUSE I BECAME ADDICTED TO EXPLODING THINGS


I think all of the guns are overpowered. I like to use my fists only. When I play co-op with my buddy, he uses guns and kills things very quickly. This spoils my enjoyment of the game and I think devs should remove all guns from the game so it isn’t so easy on the first playthrough.


Serious here, I’d like to see it removed from the game. The boring gun too. Obliterate them.


You guys realize once they put out the patch to remove all guns that they will somehow remove the ability to melee


They need to ban the woodblocker, seeing wotan drop that thing like every single time just hurts my soul.

Does anyone actually use the woodblocker, even in non mayhem mode? Lol


The Woodblocker was pretty good the last time I used it. And yes, on Mayhem 10.

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You’re possibly overlooking the most problematic item in the game, The Vanquisher.

Just think about it, you get twice the fire rate while you’re sliding. The real reason nobody talks about it is because it’s utterly game breaking!


Most of the guns mentioned are and have been shitte after your first play through like their trying to make friends of your enemy’s by tickling them,Maybe a better option…Walks up to Claptrap rips antenna of his head to beat enemy’s senseless,lol it might work :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Actually my FL4K and Amara do use them in M10.
They are a decent sniper once you learn the sweet aiming point.
A bit more ammo hungry than single shot snipers, but doesn’t deplete your ammo in 5 trigger pulls either (looking at you Sandhawk)


FTFY (for those of you confused by possible satire on on all sides of this). As a player who uses every red-texted thing in the game, the Woodblocker isn’t even in the bottom 20.

What the game needs to nerf is the number of fire-only Legendary CoV assault rifles. They’re all steamroll material, so cut those enemies some slack and use something else.


I have heard that when using the Sawbar, one can actually reach a higher plane of Consciousness. Rendering all enemy efforts useless as you can actually see the future.

P.S. Woodblocker is entirely capable of steamrolling most mobs with a nice build, ammo can be a concern tho.

I actually like the vanquisher, it is my “go fast weapon” granted I use it only for accelerating slide but hey this is probably the weapon that I got the more equipped with 0 kills

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I prefer the EMP-5 for a speed utility item lol

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You gaiz u have to use it like this!

Was watching a yt video (ThiicFilA I think) that said the vanquisher gave a little more speed than the emp5. He was using it to jump skip to the bridge at the takedown, along with a snowdrift and some game mechanic abuse)