Nerf Garbage Loot

Borderlands drop rate is high which I like but the problem is the pool is diluted with so much garbage. I recommend removing some of the garbage to make looting take less time.

  1. non-anointed legendaries
    I don’t want them to drop in m4 or m10 wen it comes out. Lets be real here no-one uses unanointed stuff at the highest difficulty. If you still want them to drop make them look way different from the anointed ones, I know they are slightly more glowy but when there’s a huge pile its hard to tell. Also remove the indicator from the mini map.

  2. Dumpster tier anointments
    I’m looking at you accuracy and handling increase anointments. There are a lot of anointments that are bad, for example I play fl4k and zane. if its not ASE % damage or Cryo while sentinel is active or damage after swapping to digi-clone it’s garbage. It would be great if you could remove some of the “filler” anointments diluting the pool or at the very least change the visuals so its easier to instantly tell if you got something good.

Basically looting in bl rn feels like wading through that island of trash in the middle of the ocean. Oh look a pile of anointed legendaries. Wonder if I got anything good? damage while airborn, accuracy during fade away, oh golly gee action skill cooldown ase on a shield.

If you wana keep the garbage, at least make it easy to tell from a far what is garbage and what might have a chance of being used.


I agree. I think that the anoint % in M4 or M10 needs to be close to, if not, 100%. Right now it seems like it’s only 50 - 60%, which is way too low for the highest difficulty.

There are far too many anointments that are just bad. I play Amara main and also Zane. For Amara I’ll use Phasecast 250% dmg, Phaseslam 300% dmg, ASE 100% dmg, ASE 50% elemental and for some ASE 125% splash dmg. For Zane, I’m looking for SNTL cryo dmg and that’s it since I don’t play clone.

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I think the way they designed the anointment system was a mistake from the beginning. Legendaries should have been rare, and anoints should have been something semi common that you loot and can slap onto any weapon to give the effect you want.


Theres a severe issue with legendaries atm. Not only is annointment oppressive in terms of usefulness, none of them are interesting save for the added bullet mechanic from bonus elemental damage.

The disparity between legendaries is also incredibly enormous, some sniper for example do 5x damage than monocle (no spoilers here but you know which), and half of the legendaries are utter trash to use. There are like 4 grenade mods that are useful while up to 10+ were usable even at BL2 OP10.

This become so obvious with the “increased world drop” event, in combination of point 1 and 2 it feels like there are screen full of legendaries and only 1 is useful. The quantity is so overwhelming but the quality is so bad that it takes too much time just to remove the crap drops so your game wont lag.

I would rather they make everything special and useful if that means we lose abit of drop rate. So far it feels just like as you said “wading through an island of trash to find something useful.”


Accurancy and handling annointement are very very strong for some weapons.

Shotgun become much more deadly.
Fast firing high recoil weapon (Jackobs by example) become much more deadly

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bro in no way is accuracy or handling every worth 100% damage


Anoints are the real grind in this game. The anoint pool is so diluted that it became the real challenge

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Theres no challenge in mindless grinding, especially some anoints are so garbage they arent even worth existing.

Is it too much to ask for suboptimal annointments to be optimal annointments for another build? Same effect less garbage.

And 100% damage increase is no where interesting as it should be.

the monocle has a hidden mechanic where its SCOPED headshots do massive damage but has a huge scope… (still, wedding invitation is the best sniper yet… even at a lower level does it wreck havoc)

more then half the legendaries look pretty lame untill you understand how to use them

also, the recent changes show that GB is fixing the lackluster ones…

You dont have to explain how good monocle is, skullmasher still beats it by a colossal mile. No questions there.

Theres a good reason people just vendor those and never use them.

agreed hahaha skullmasher is good at short/medium range (wich 98% of the fights are) monocle is good for the odd chance you can snipe stuff :rofl: but then still gets outshined by any other sniper hahaha

i use my lvl 52 (anointed) skullmasher for zane (5 crits = instafreeze allmost anything that can be frozen) for amara i’m holding onto my weding invitation :slight_smile: (don’t know if i’d even want a lvl 57 one seeing i still 1 shot everything with it haha)

problem is that snipers suck without anointed damage… (or rather, every gun sucks without anointed damage)

but there are some weapons i started using after they got buffed :slight_smile:

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Yea much to my absolute pain I did Cistern of Slaughter on M4 with my Zane and it dropped about 63 ( I counted but it’s still sorta hard to keep track) legendaries (which is absolutely brilliant) but out of all those the only one worth a single crap was just something I picked up out of curiosity a 100 cryo carrier. That’s it. 60+ legends and nothing of value. I need something to do with these garbo legendaries to make my time not feel completely wasted on getting them or something :confused:

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Are guns without anointments even guns? lol Seriously 100 sntnl cryo MAKES Zane. It even makes MOST crappy weapons sorta viable (most, some are still so horrendous not even 100 extra damage makes them decent on M4)


i know right :rofl:

just noticed the diffrence between the anointment being active and not on my new kyb’s worth… it went from tickeling them and doing allmost no damage, to instafreezing them and exploding when hit :sweat_smile:

that’s why i fear what mayhem 2.0 could have in store for us :worried: i for one do not want to farm for a decent anointed every mayhem level…

Well, if you feel this is the “real grind”, go farm unstoppable. You’re looking for a Band of Sitorak, with the SNTL Movement Speed anoint.

I’m now over 600 kills, and I’ve only ever seen an anointed band of sitorak ONCE, and it was for Fl4k.

This doesn’t even take into consideration that for the Band of Sitorak, you are looking for very specific rolls on the shield itself.

Anoints are currently like Slag in BL2. Not fun, incredibly stifling to what is and isn’t useful, but required for the hardest content.


The drop rates (Of desired items) coupled with the INSANE depth of RNG on said items is perhaps a bit much IMHO lol This is exponentially more annoying on console with horrid frame rates on fresh loads a lot of the time and just loading times being super long in general. As is life on console I guess but still, getting these things even for someone who plays a good bit (0ver 350 hours in BL3) is pretty daunting.

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Coupled with 6 weeks in between level cap increases, with less than 1 week notice on when it happens, rendering all that previous farming useless…

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The level cap increases are small enough where you don’t need on-level weapons immediately. I was doing level 57 Mayhem 4 True Takedown on my Zane with a level 50 Redistributor. Granted, that was a “god roll” version of the weapon but still… I also completed the new DLC at level 57 on all characters with level 53 gear.

Ok, so… If you are going to try and make a case for the level increases not being that big of a deal, don’t use Zane. Don’t use a God Tier Redistributor.

And the point isn’t that you can do it. Follow along with me.

  • We got back to back farming events at level 50, where MANY of us, spent a ton of time farming for optimized gear.

  • This was then promptly met with a level increase that meant all of that perfectly optimized gear that we just spent the time farming is now not optimized.

  • We then had 6 weeks at the new level cap. Many players had not even finished up replacing the gear that was now not optimized for 53, and were greeted with 2 1/2 days Confirmed notice that we were getting another level cap increase.

  • Now, I’m level 57, my gear is utter garbage, because it’s a smattering of 53-57, with suboptimal anoints, because some of the dedicated drops are laughably impossible to get.

I have little desire to actually try and gear up my characters, because I’m not even sure how the current gear is going to translate to Mayhem 2.0, because they haven’t told us how that’s going to translate.

Also, that’ll be 4-5 weeks after the 57 level cap. Are we going to see another one? Should I bother to farm? What is my motivation to keep playing when it’s such a massive RNG Fest to try get optimal gear, with optimal anoints, and you end up with little notice that the next level cap is coming.

I’m unhappy with how the level caps have been handled. If they continue to be handled that way, I’ll just go play something else.

yeah my issue is that you can’t really farm for optimized gear from dedicated drops. I mean you can it just takes forever. Like in bl2 your best bet to get a good bee is to kill treants in the forest. Now your best bet to get a cutsman with the 100% ase isn’t to farm borman gates its to run the takedown.

As a result if you want good gear without taking forever, your choices are farm a good world-drop source, or trade.