Nerf Kelvin's (Kevin's) Sublimate

TOBY (wearing fake mustache):
Except for that SUPER BADASS Toby The Destroyer… Right? I hear he’s a really swell guy,
a-and he should probably have his stun left alone!

Umm… Also, since i’m- I-I mean… Since TOBY is Kelvin’s Fro Bro, i’m SURE he thinks that Kelvin’s stun should be left alone as well!

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I have a solution :
Remove stun CC from the game and replace it with stuck CC.
In that way, I can shoot down a dying Kelvin and make him useless as a Bullsh*t CC champion.

Kelvin to tier D please ! ;D

I feel like Kelvin shouldn’t get a direct nerf but instead should be affected by all CC during sublimate so he can’t stun a whole team if they don’t have Ghalt or Shayne + Aurox, or Beatrix. Because it is really lame that if you aren’t playing these characters then the Kelvin with very little skilll can stun you for 2 seconds and you can’t do much about it. As a Kelvin can go up to +90% faster than someones normal sprint speed just from helix choices alone and then he can even stun you again for 1 second.

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