Nerf Marquis he does to much damage

Marquis does too much damage and can just camp and kill you with only a couple of shots from a far he needs to be nerfed.

I’m not sure what character you’re playing as, but if you’re an Eldrid fighting a Marquis, I suggest fighting from cover, or avoiding Marquis entirely. The only way he can kill you in a few shots is if he gets a headshot on his third consecutive shot on you.

Also, he IS a sniper. The whole point of being a sniper is the fact that you dominate at long range.


I kind of agree with you, but on some maps Marquis literally just ruins the game. It’s actually pretty lame. Plus he can kill the sentry from the base. Ein Zwei Die can also hit on the second shot, I’ve had several 25-30 kill games just using that for follow up headshots. You can’t really dodge in this game so it does seem unfair.


I’ve never had a problem, but then again I only really play stealth characters.

As much as I try I can’t play marquis for the life of me, I don’t think he’s over powered at all, I’ve seen some get a ton of kills but others fall below the rest of the team. He’s a sniper so it’s only expected that he deals a lot of damage.

As he is now I hate marquis. His play style shouldn’t even be in this type of game. If he has tanky teammates and he camps underneath towers while also having good lines of sight there is nothing you can do about him (depending on your character but I feel like this is true with the majority of characters.)

Marquis can stand in his base and camp the big M robots allone down wtf?

A sniper shouldn’t be in an FPS? Please, be reasonable.

Also, the tagline for the game is “For Every Kind of Badass” that includes snipers.



Seriously now, Marquis does a LOT of damage. But he is extremely squishy and super easy to chase away. It’s also pretty hard to hit the smaller enemies with tiny critical hit spots, and his helix is pretty bad IMO. He has some usefull stuff in it, but most things are just meh.

So I don’t think Marquis is OP at all, except for in Overgrowth.

A sniper should definitely be in a first person shooter.

But this game isn’t so simple. This game is a hybrid with heavy Moba like features. If you try and see where I’m coming from other mobas with sniper character (or long range characters in general) do have far range but it is still limited to a degree. The only thing that can hit cross map is their ultimate sometimes.

If a marquis plays safe enough he is able to engage in team fights or turn a 1v1 into a 1v2 without putting himself in any kinda of danger what so ever.

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This game is closer to FPS than MOBA. If they changed his range too much, more people would complain about that.

He’s only really a problem if he knows the map better than you do. Avoid sniper sightlines, open areas, and keep the high ground, and you should be fine.

I hate fighting marquis but I don’t think hes overpowered.He shouldn’t be able to snipe sentry from afar tho.


I don’t remember exactly, but isn’t part of the problem of marquis that he doesn’t have a charge time for his sniper? Part of the reason why sniper was hard to play / required skill on TF2 (especially on comp play, 6v6) was because his sniper rifle required to be charged / had to be waited to be charged. If you shot the sniper without charge, it made little damage, whilst charged up it’s doing same ammount of damage than marquis sniper without any charge? Maybe adding some 1.5 second charge to marquis sniper would be something to consider? The idea is so that the player can’t constantly spam the full damage, but would have to wait a little bit before next shot. This would nerf marquis dps, but would retain his capability to shoot down enemies when needed.


Maybe, but even though it sounds simple and easy in theory, it could end up completely ruining a character in practice. 1.5 seconds is a lot in game time.

I’m playing Marquis full attackspeed and reload speed, or was playing him that way until I decided that i want to make shield disappear from existence by craving for 60/70% shield penetration through items, but basically it becomes a semi automatic rifle that I don’t think the devs expected.

I can confidently shoot all of my bullets into one target jumping around while having full attackspeed(which btw gives me less error possibility/punishment) and while taking the passive that I only need to shoot twice to detonate passive, that’s OP, just that one helix thing, makes it completely broken.
I think Marquis’s should be able to only detonate passive after 3 shots, not 2. I can hit 6 shots, 4 crits + passive detonations and ANYONE , ANY Character without invincibility will fall over.

I’ve only seen myself play the character that way, and I made up countless of builds for Marquis while mastering him.

They aren’t even crits. It’s +50% in general, crits are on top of that if you hit them in the head.

But that is only really OP because of the items you’re using, which is largely just luck.
Gearbox, please standardize lootdrops.

The tricky part, is the rhythm, it’s far harder to hit shots with super long charge up’s or at level 1 without any attackspeed, but it’s super easy to hit shots while in the rhythm of attack-speed monstrosity.

I feel like 1.5 seconds would completely mess up his rhythm.

I’m sorry but any mele character wrecks him. Rath can spin to win any marquis he gets close to and kill without hope of survival. Gal can kill within stun.

I love playing as marquis but the tiny hitbpxes on most characters and our paper thin health balance marqui. He is a glass cannon.

It is much harder to land hits in this game as a sniper than in most others like destiny or battlefield.

I fully agree we should not be able to attack sentry from our base on overgrowth though. That’s just dumb. Just hard code so sentry shots have to be within a certain range. Make that range less than the distance from the over look platform.

If you are getting killed by a marquis just go around the side and get in his face. You’ll push or kill him nearly every time.

^ True about Rath and Gal… speaking of Gal, it’s been lately just annoying to play against her, can’t do ANYTHING to her.

Rath is somewhat dealable with, but a good rath will knock you up into a wall and keep spinning you into a wall, rather than in the open where you can “bitch-slap” him away while he is spinning and is slowed down.

It is true that shots are harder to hit in this game than other games, especially crits… everyone moves so damn fast, some characters look faster while running away and they’re like almost impossible to hit while they turn.

Gal is terrifying in meltdown as marqui. At the moment I have 17 marqui games played: 158 kills and 22 deaths. 17 of those deaths are to Rath or Gal. A good Rath can completely shut down marqui.

The “sight glitch” on overgrowth should also be fixed. I’m not sure how people do it but you should never be fully concealed and able to hit the opponent as a sniper (orthervthan helix 10 ult)