Nerf Marquis he does to much damage

I think we’ve lost 90% of the overgrowth games so far with Gal on enemy team without us having one, for the sheer reason that Marquis can’t really focus on her, and while focusing on her, she will just walk past my team and 1-shot me(stunned).

If all 4 of my teammates try to stop GAL and let me snipe then other enemy battleborns will happily sneak past those 4 of my teammates because Gal can happily take all of them on. Hopefully the new patch comes out soon.
Gal has just the power to do every role right now.

As for Marquis, his character model is kind of thin and small, the camera seems to be at his top-hat level not actually at his eyes, therefore you can easily hide your whole body, while having the ability to still shoot through a wall… There are a couple sniping spots that are just wrong because of the way his character model is… most obvious one is just infront of the sentry on the stairs where only his gun (after firing) is visible, Marquis vs Marquis head-glitch-battles are one of the worst possible outcomes… because it literally means that those 2 Marquis fighting each other are “not in the game”, and if you don’t do it, you’re going to get sniped and rendered useless, simple as that.

I almost always ignore enemy marqui by standing to the side of the platform. I don’t think I’ve been killed by a marqui since launch.

As for gal just ignore her and kill her support. If you kill or push miko gal is very vulnerable.

Just don’t ever get close to gal as marqui

“kill her support”…

Yea… that can be hard. Especially since miko moves so fricking fast sometimes lol.

My main problem is, people are abusing Gal combos right now and it’s become less fun for me to play despite still winning 80/90% of my games.

I’ve went up against the same teams over and over, since I think it was just us at that high level where other people wouldn’t matchmake vs us yet, so we went up againsst the same team like 3 times in one day…

“5broz” rocking one of the most OP teamcomps…
Reyna Supporting Miko, Miko supporting Gal, Isic and other one i can’t remember I think, but Isic + Miko + Gal + Reyna… UGH!

Idk, as marqui miko is pretty easy to at least pressure and force a retreat. Such a big head.

Any team running gal/miko/Reyna is going to have very low damage out put. Just push with your tankier characters and focus on her support.

I really don’t think that combo is op. Isic is huge and slow so easy to kill. Gal is huge. Miko is squishy. Reyna is just over shield provision with no real damage. And squishy and fat.

Marquis is beyond a doubt OP with his kind of damage. The only way I can see this being balanced is adding bullet mechanics to him and lowering his damage/changing how his passive works. As it is, it is WAY to easy for them to force the enemy team to stay behind cover for 90% of the match. A lot of matches I play, a Marquis will keep us stuck to our Sentry on Overgrowth only being able to go out once were all topped off on HP and as a group. His effectiveness is too high and his ease of killing running characters is too high as well. If he didn’t just click and do damage, there would be no problem. But he is a low skill high reward class that makes gameplay boring and lame sometimes depending on how much Call of Duty he played in the past.

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if you do the math, you’ll find its the same thing than the other helix option, which increases the damage bonus on the third shot by 25%.


Ugh…MARQUIS?! OP?! Are we playing the same game? Lol. When I play the Capture game mode (which I play a lot and has no 2-shotting Spider Robots to hide behind), my brother and I gave him a new name when referring to him: Marcheeks. As in butt cheeks. As in horrible. Marquis is the ideal sniper, and all his moves encourage long range engagements, but once you notice him and chase him down, is survivability is a joke. Gearbox designed him this way on purpose to punish snipers with no situational awareness. In order to defeat a Marquis on Incursion or Meltdown, you have to be prepared to counter pick him. For example, Benedict is almost as squishy if not squishier than Marquis, but he’s able to engage entrenched players, harass/kill them outright, and retreat safely. Thorn can also snipe him out with cursed arrows. Deande can flank, cloak, assassinate the bugger, and retreat. Ghalt can grapple him out of perches and hilariously melt him. A Miko/Montana combo can out-heal his DPS long enough for a team mate to move in and take him out. They give you 25 characters for a reason. Maybe people should stop picking whoever the hell they want and learn how to play other roles depending on what the team needs most.

Long story short, here’s Marquis’ crippling weaknesses:

Tunnel Vision
Underwhelming Helix

Marquis only does really high damage to people who aren’t smart.

Plus, he’s really easy to sneak up on, which will almost always mean a death for him.

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Just to sum things up: Marquis is overpowered when he has something to hide behind and a place to run away BUT marquis is horrible when placed out in the open against just about anyone.

I only play marquis and I’m not bad with him at all, he is very hard to play. That being said he does do a lot of damage, he has a sniper rifle what do you expect. Aiming is the hardest part about him, when you move he is less accurate. He is actually very squishy if the person fighting him can aim. I have been smashed by shaye, galilea, rath, isic, orendi, even Oscar Mike. That’s because I like to get aggressive sometimes and join the fray. Instead of saying he is OP try playing as him for a week and see how hard it is.

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Coming from someone who almost let solely plays FPS marquis is moderately difficult at most. Head shots in Battleborn are tough due to fast paced and character models but landing shots in general isn’t that bad.

Marquis dies easily at close range, obviosuly. The problem is, if marquis plays highly defensive there’s almost no way to get into a close range fight without sacrificing yourself.


Not to mention, “Headshots” are basically critical spots for each battleborn, which they differ… each battleborn character has different crit spots and it’s up to Marquis players to learn each individual crit point on every enemy type in the game.

(They’re not always the head which makes it harder to aim at)

Is kelvin the only character whose head isn’t on top of his body? Issac is technically still a headshot silence you’re aiming for the skull. I’m having trouble thinking of any others.

Toby is Toby’s actual body same with kleese I think. The whole actual body is a crit right?

Stealth characters. Take deande, get behind him and destroy him. Did he retreat to heal? Good you did your job. Did he retreat and not heal? Good you have an easy kill on your hands next time. But any stealth or just a smart person who stays hidden getting behind him is gg for marquis. It is annoying to have to do that but marquis is practically sitting there waiting to be your meal. Other than that stay out of places he can easily snipe you and force him to come out of his base to land shots and he will be the tastiest butler you ever got fed off of

Simple reduce the fire rate of his god damn "Automatic sniper rifle"
And also the sniper should be charged before doing full damage …

Done & balanced , or maybe need another nerf in another patch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I agree about firerate reduction, or intense recoil addition or both…

However I strongly disagree about “charging shots”, Tired of that cheap mechanic in games, this isn’t Tf2.

I agree with you 100%. While in a minion slaughter, all you can see is players fighting and explosions in your face. All while your getting sniped by this very skinny character that can be anywhere. At least add a few pounds to this sniper, so it does not take a telescope to see.

But then, he is the character that players with no skill fall back on.I am tired of Marquis users brag about their kills. You did nothing but stand there and snipe players while they are in combat.with others.

Charge shots? Guys, this is not Thorn. T_T
Anyways, Marquis does much damage… So you IMMEDIATELY notice it when he shoots you once. Take cover when that happens, find out where he is, and go after the bitch.
I always play Miko, you know, the mushroom with the HUGE crit spot. Marquis is like my nightmare, but most of the time, I can avoid him and ask a teammate to kill him.

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marques cheating shooting from its base my sentinel.