Nerf MX Elite Bot

Seriously, the DPS is waaaay too high on this thing…

Also, the little jerk taunted me afterwards…
Ban him.
I should have been Galilea…

Wait, why can’t I get this model in PVP???


That particular MX Elite was tutored by ISIC in the ways of bodily dismemberment. His name is R0-KK13.

He’s gonna be the champ.

(on a more serious note: yeah they are kinda over the top)


I hate those things. 90% of the time they do nothing, then suddenly they oneshot you without warning. It’s a complete gamble to approach one as a melee, at least as range you can kill them from a somewhat safe distance. I’ve lost one or two hc runs already because of them. Ugh.

Btw, the gatling it uses in your clip isn’t even the worst thing, its cluster grenades do even more damage. I’ve been oneshot as full hp isic with wards up once, couldn’t even believe it.

I went into this thinking you were talking about the ones in PvP and I was ready to fight tooth and nail.

Then I watched the video.

Holy ■■■■.

We’re you on advanced? Because that guy isn’t normally there.

lol, NO I wasn’t, He did it to me like 3 times before I could kill him, just me on solo normal trying to farm minions with my dragon splash… I still have no clue WTF was going on!

I red you did this on normal - WTF??? They are to fear on a usual bases,no matter the mode, but that output of damage is rather insane for normal-mode O.o

I’ve seen them very rarely pop up in unexpected places on normal missions. Yeah, they can smash you quick.

It’s the one on the bridge that always screws me over, even from behind he just kind of backhands you. Did heliophage hardcore advanced with Boldur, felt confident, dropped into algorithm advanced, get to the bridge, skip along the side, take out the snipers, clean up the trash, come up behind Mx elite and SLAP…dead! Respawn, okay that was a glitch, try again, SLAP…dead. Respawn, huh, okay, this guy needs some tactics, in and out, dodge and wea…SLAP…dead! Respawn, alright ■■■■■■■ it is ■■■■■■■ ON!!! Serious face, dark souls boss mode engaged, shield up, start our game of slap and tickle, SLAP, shield takes the hit, hahaha now who’s laughing bitch! EXPLOSION, stun, shield goes down, SLAP…dead! I forget what happened from this point on…the game inexplicably crashed.


LOL, this happened to me! I wrote a topic about it last week.

Same thing. I was El Dragon and got one shoted by these bots so many times I lost twice.

With ranged characters they are so much easier. No one would believe me how OP they were.

These guys, the Ronin, the Skaven, and a few others I can’t remember the names of are all really nasty opponents.

I kinda like how powerful these enemies are, they go down like a ton of bricks in pvp but in pve they are mini bosses.

Lmao, came here fists up ready to swing as well.

Ronins are worse imo

Uhmmmmm, No. Also check the upcoming updates on reddit, they are buffing the thrall

lmfao, how I know you didn’t even watch the clip… or pay attention to which sub-forum you’re in…

The bots are all the same, I am saying if you nerf the story ones you nerf the pvp ones. Like its the same model and possibly running the same stats, and since there is no one distracting them in pvp, they are that much of a threat in story. You know what I mean, Like nerfing certain items that where intended for story but used in pvp and got nerfed, and really dont serve the purpose in pve no more, example the alamo and the chest piece

lol, have you EVER seen them do that in PVP? I haven’t, I mostly thought this was some kind of a glitch, I mean, if they intended it to work this way, then they’re out of their minds, because it does nothing at range, and insta-drops you “sometimes” at point blank range…

Mostly I just uploaded it because it was FUUNNNNYYYYY
I certainly wasn’t making some kind of a plea that it “needs to be nerfed, OMGZ” so lighten up and relax, I could care less about PVE “balance” I just thought it was a funny glitch.


Yep its funny, and I think it is intended, are you running advanced by yourself?

No, as I mentioned, I was just running normal repeatedly to farm minion kills, and one time he showed up and kept insta-killing me. I’ve seen him before, and never died to it with melee characters…

I have no idea why they would intentionally drop a one-shot-kill character that only applies to melee characters. No offense, but that would be extremely dumb to intentionally put into a game… especially if there’s no reward, and especially in the first few moments of the first level of the game.

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Ever thought of clotheslining him and quickly melee him from behind and everytime he turns you just keeping staying on his back? I saw that railing you could have jumped over on the right side