Nerf MX Elite Bot

??? He’s shown up like twice in the 50 or so times I’ve been on the level so, no, I haven’t tried to think up strategies for him… and clotheslining does nothing to large characters like that, you just hit them in the front and stop moving.

Although, I think it’s funny that not even Rendain, Sentries, or any other bosses in the game can one-shot you unless he knocks you off a level… this makes the Elite Bot officially the highest DPS in the game.

Dang, what about just jumping the railing and back melee it?

Meh, the last time I ran up to him, he just shot me like normal instead of insta-killing me, so I killed him with no problem.
He just turns around if you jump behind him.

I love these things. Even if I get instagibbed by their cluster grenade attack again and again.
The sounds they make, and the fact they taunt when they kill you. XD

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So you think the big lard of fun, used his Ultimate on you?

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haha, must have, I’m pretty sure he was hacking since he’d just used it on me tho

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They do need attention.
Team of 2 just now, me, Ambra, and a Galilea both taken out at the same time by one slam.
We didn’t even appear to be close. Over 3,000 damage to me alone.

So they show up often in 5 player matches and there is a gimmick to them. You need to jump and make them spin and try and hit you. You move faster than they turn so you can keep bludgeoning them till they die. If they get a blue over shield back up, wait for it to blow (cause it will stun you and it will HURT) then keep hitting but no one can stand in front of those guys and take the hits and win. Gotta make those robos miss!

They might turn around if you move and stop but keep the dude spinning he can’t keep up with any melee people

In our squads we usually have one player play ring around the rosie and everyone else just crit them in the back, seems to work ok unless the elite gets those clusters bombs off