Nerf one vs buff three

Let’s put an end to this. For all those screaming for Amara nerfs - you really can’t.

Nerf Driver, she still has Zerker. Nerf both, she still has Nimbus. Nerf all three, she still has Breaker. And on and on, everything will still be stronger than the others.

And that is how everything else will go down too from AS to anointments to skills. She is the perfect diverse character (despite still having broken and useless skills).

So your options are either nerf EVERYTHING she has, talking triple digits and MASSIVE nerfs, or simply roll back the old Moze and Fl4k nerfs and toss the three an awesome com and a buff or two.

Which would you really prefer the devs to do? 623,457 nerfs or a half dozen buffs? Seeing how everything they touch breaks and takes forever I’m on the side of buffs.